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  1. Loosing your virginity at 19 to an escort is "Having no issues" ? to me it seems to be the oposite... Personal choice, could have been with any number of women but wanted to be left alone due to personal reasons
  2. Maybe just tuffen up sunshine, i have serve scaring i have no issues at all or just i'm so good looking they can look past my scaring who even knows
  3. Acne and acne scars sure have a lot of shit common being unemotional dam, i'm the same but trying to get out of my circle so i can have some bomb as sex
  4. I bet there will be a awful lot of people cheering if we get some awesome break thur in skin regeneration or look 95% better filled in and close to normal skin Getting quite draining looking at mirror in different lighting at scars
  5. Well its 2018, i'm still alive pondering about acne scars, was thinking of getting some fillers... but had a change of thought after, i did some research. I spend big money on my skin and hit it with everything. My skin tone is excellent, and scars some what looked half decent. Goal for 2018 is have sex with as many girls as possible, and maybe find the right girl. I gotta say, i never thought i would break out from that dark cloud, from the sht derm who burnt my skin and made some of m
  6. So where do i sign up and be a human trailer. someone just come up with something good for 2018, seening heaps of other stuff coming to market like livers and hearts
  7. Lol, i have bad scaring and i don't give girls much chances. Maybe i'm just too hot that girls can't get enough of me
  8. It took few years for me to accept my scaring, it only effects me a little bit... countless girls still wanted to be with me but idk the scars really messed with my brain or just didn't care enough. Went thur some expensive treatments seems to have improved it a bit, i try to say positive, and take really good care of myself, so i still will look better then most people in old age, if i'm still alive Also had one or two mean comments when i had serve acne, which don't think i have recovere
  9. wtf why do you look like me, didn't think someone as hot as me existed
  10. TCA Cross, Picosure, Dermal Stamp. laser, needling
  11. ^ lets hope this guy is right, we all want to get smooth looking skin at any cost. I'm more then happy to drop 30k
  12. walk around angry and be ready for war, my scars are worst then urs im doing fine...
  13. Same boat i did it at 19 to get over it make sure u got to a good i went to a shitty one from the news papers and she was ugly couldn't even finish. Haven't had sex since just turned 26 trying to find the right girl, i've had so many girls who wanted to be with me but i had so many fkn promblems from acne/ acne scars, wanting to be left alone Hope i find a good btch this year