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  1. Maybe just tuffen up sunshine, i have serve scaring i have no issues at all or just i'm so good looking they can look past my scaring who even knows
  2. So where do i sign up and be a human trailer. someone just come up with something good for 2018, seening heaps of other stuff coming to market like livers and hearts
  3. Lol, i have bad scaring and i don't give girls much chances. Maybe i'm just too hot that girls can't get enough of me
  4. wtf why do you look like me, didn't think someone as hot as me existed
  5. TCA Cross, Picosure, Dermal Stamp. laser, needling
  6. ^ lets hope this guy is right, we all want to get smooth looking skin at any cost. I'm more then happy to drop 30k
  7. walk around angry and be ready for war, my scars are worst then urs im doing fine...
  8. Same boat i did it at 19 to get over it make sure u got to a good i went to a shitty one from the news papers and she was ugly couldn't even finish. Haven't had sex since just turned 26 trying to find the right girl, i've had so many girls who wanted to be with me but i had so many fkn promblems from acne/ acne scars, wanting to be left alone Hope i find a good btch this year
  9. i had it but now it but do it for other reasons, im just better then other people and not going to waste my time with poor people Been clowned for a skin a few times but that dont matter to me my bank accounts still flooded and still get heaps of women interested in me just have to find the right one or be bothered to fine that right one
  10. I had TCA cross sure it looks good for a month hated the hyperpigmentation, you have to wait 2-6 months for true results some swelling might still be there.
  11. Would you do fillers? I have done tca cross 2x fraxel, picosure, radio frequency. I think my some of my scars improved by 20-35%, i have been doing single needling and stamping after that and suctioning the next day for a week, I think that will stop the scars coming back. The derms are out there to make that money, so i don't feel comfortable going back there either, just doing this needling crap.
  12. My life went down hill after 13, with acne getting worst at 22 23 now at 25 with lots of scaring, and feel like i have not lived life at all. Have pushed many women away because, i have suffered with major depresstion and want to be left alone in this world. Tho this doesn't mean i'm going to give up like a punk Btch, now days i just care about making the mula, and living a flashy life as possible. Trying to get out of a job and be self employed and just wish i could go in the sun without ha
  13. In brisbane dr shobain, however i have only done subcision, picosure,fraxel, and infin. I feel it was not worth the money, i was spending i just do single needling followed by stamping and suction the day after every month to not go crazy .