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  2. CONGRATS!! It feels so great to be done! I had a little mini celebration for myself. You should do the same especially with finals going on. Hopefully we're both completely cured, even though it was all totally worth it in the end, I'd hate to have to use accutane again!
  3. I'M DONE!!!!!! I just took my last pill a few minutes ago. I'm completely happy with how it all turned out! My skin has never been better. The acne is gone and now I'm excited to have the accutane side effects go away. I won't miss the dry lips/eyes/skin, that's for sure! I'll try to post a few follow ups of how my body handles not having accutane in my system. Thanks to everyone for the support this forum has provided, it was much appreciated.
  4. Day 95 :: Feb 20 Wow, so it's been nearly a month since my last post. Things are going really well. My skin is getting clearer every day. I get the occasional pimple but it's nothing compared to a month ago. I'm pretty happy with things right now and this whole accutane experience has been worth it. I have one month left and I'm confident that the acne will be completely gone by then....now if it could just get rid of some of the scars. Lips still get dry, but not as bad as they used to,
  5. Day 67 :: Jan 23 Had my derm appt., got me new pills, I spread it out nicely and didn't have any days without my meds. Things seem to be getting better, I've had a few pop up on my neck, but they're already on their way out. Let's hope it's all down hill from here....
  6. Let's hope it's just a guy thing. ;) They seem to sprout up nearly an inch overnight! They probably don't actually do that, but I notice them when they get long. My body seems to be drying out more and more, which is good, because it's just recently that it's started on my body, and that's where my problem areas are. So i'm 1/2 way done with my course, I have another late derm appt. this month because my derm. decided he needed a vacation! What a slacker. So I've down graded myself to 40m
  7. Day 59 :: Jan 15 The rest of my body seems to be starting to dry up. My upper arms are dry and peeling lately. I've never had to put lotion any where but my face until now. My back is starting to clear up at least that's what it seemed like last night, could be another story in a week, but for now I'm happy about it. One other weird thing is that I've been getting new hair on my upper arm, chest and shoulders. I normally don't have any body hair, other than my arms/legs. These new ones ar
  8. So my breakout has calmed down. No new ones in the last couple days and the others are starting to go away. I've had this one for like 3 weeks now and it just doesn't completely go away! One thing I've noticed lately is that I hardly have any blackheads! I used to get them on my upper chest and shoulders and there are none there now. So, this is day 55 I think. Getting close to the half-way mark!
  9. Don't you worry about that. Just meet me at the clock tower at 10:04pm.
  10. Dial in April '07 in the DeLorean and hit 88mph. :D
  11. Way to soften up the derm! My derm is pretty laid back and we talk about other things a lot more than my skin or accutane. He always has technology questions for me, I should probably start charging him instead of him charging me! About the generic brands vs Accutane, I'd have a hard time believing that there is any difference. They are chemically identical and since Roche's patent expired others are producing the exact same isotretinoin. Maybe she is just seeing more people come in for it
  12. I wish I could say things have been going well. I've been going through a pretty bad breakout and it really sucks! But it's starting to calm down a bit I think. Work has been keeping me ultra busy and I haven't had much time to keep up with my log. I had a great new years even with a breakout, I tried to ignore it as much as possible in hopes that other people wouldn't notice/care. So let's see I'm on day 52 I think. I guess I couldn't get away from the IB, it's hit me pretty hard, derm s
  13. Christmas was awesome, had the entire fam together for the first time in a long time. Lots of nieces and nephews running around. Hope you'll be partying it up on new years eve!
  14. New years!!! I can't wait for the festivities! So many parties, so little time...