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    skin care, what else???
  1. I like Spenco 2nd Skin Healing Gel, which is available at CVS, online too. It's really pure hyaluronic, very soothing and healing for chemical burns, overdone skin.
  2. Friends, I am nearly 50 years old and don't know what the hell is going on. Most of my regime is anti-aging all the way. I'm pretty aggressive with my skin and use Retin-A, Tazorac, all kinds of AHAs, copper peptides, TNS, you name it. Last weekend I gave myself an at-home 55% lactic acid peel, which I have used many times before. Results were completely in line with all previous experiences except ... I woke up this morning with this GIGUNDA whopping red angry zit in the middle of my cheek.
  3. Thanks Tamara! It was totally accidental! I was just shopping at Whole Foods, perusing the aisles, and there it was! Unfortunately I paid top dollar for it ($39) but I think you can get it cheaper on line. I'm also interested in making my own, so doing my research on that. What about you? What are you using re ALA/DMAE, etc.? And thanks a MILLION once more for all your sleuthing. You're the best!!
  4. Thanks all. Definitely trying to avoid paying Perricone prices, and there's no reason why we would need to. If we can't find it out there, there is certainly enough info on the web to teach us all how to make our own. T, you are a GEM for doing this. Hey, I found a few more: http://www.essentialwholesale.com/shop/sho...pexd.asp?id=986 This supplier was touted highly on a Delphi forum called Make It Yourself. Some others I came across: http://ageadvantagelabs.com/product.cfm?i
  5. T - do you really have time to do this?? You are the awesomest!! I've done the Paula's site check before, I know that can be really time consuming!! You're an angel of the first degree! (isn't that a song ...??)
  6. Sure Tamara, if you wouldn't mind. I am hesitant to believe in Reviva because they're stuff is so unbelievably inexpensive, it just makes you question how much of anything active is really in there! I've never heard of Anna Bellina. Thanks so much!
  7. The main difference between these two appears to be that one is completely unavailable while the other is not! WAHHHH!!!
  8. Bathroom lighting not cutting it anymore. Need large professional electric mirror that shows everything!! All recommendations appreciated!! thnx
  9. I'm no expert, but I think the prep solution has something to do with making sure your skin is the right ph to make the solution the most effective it can be. So I wouldn't be so quick to skip this step.
  10. OK, next question: Where can I get LIQUID ALA and DMAE, in their purest form? Powder form from capsules isn't working for me, my potions are too grainy, even after trying to grind them into a fine powder. Too grainy, too abrasive. Need LIQUID. Help!!
  11. Yeah, these do seem to be the new magic ingredients: ALA, DMAE, Vit C, etc. I just went to Whole Foods and another health food store and there are a jillion of these creams and serums out there now, but like everything else, it's hard to tell about the concentration of the key ingredients or their efficacy. Thanks everyone for your help!!
  12. Exactly!! ALL the sites I checked that supposedly carry this product say "sorry, not available." What gives??? Something's not right about this ...
  13. NONE of the sites I've checked have it available. Very frustrating!!! All leads appreciated! Merci!!