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  1. Hi, i was reading your thread about the baby brush technique and i picked up at a local target "American Red Cross Comfort Care Comb & Brush" on the package it states Soft Bristles and the handles are all white, i seen pictures on the net of the baby blue one. I wanna know is this the one that you use are did i buy the wrong one i opened it up and it feels almost too soft to be effective.
  2. I just bought myself the Gentle Cleanser and was wondering if it's safe to use everyday all over my body as a bodywash? I'm worried about protecting my junk you know..
  3. Well i just got done trying this stuff out again and, honestly it feels like i am applying a scrub instead of BP if feels like my skin is peels off as i apply it. I have stopped using as of now back to Dan's BP i guess
  4. Oh and i forgot to mention does anyone use a moisturizer with this stuff? My face is kinda dry after putting it on.
  5. Well ive been using this stuff for 2 days now and have mixed reactions. Everytime i try and apply it on my face there is always leftover "granules" that won't absorb into my skin no matter how long i try to gently rub it in, they are just too big to be absorbed is this normal? And im not to sure on how much i should use i just dip the first segment of my finger for each side of my face at this rate these 4oz will last about a year.. is this too little or do you think i should use more? I am a li
  6. Takara, do you use this stuff 1 or 2 times a day? And how long have you been using it?
  7. The only thing im worried about is that 10% bp might be too strong for me. I only get whiteheads so my acne isn't too bad. On his site it says to use less and it would be the same as using 5% or 2.5% does this sound right?
  8. Hey Takara Do you have to use moisturizer after this? Or do the oils in this keep you moisturizered enough? I emailed him yesterday asking if he would be willing to seller smaller bottles like 8 oz and today he replied today that the best he could do was lower the price to $49!!! Does anyone else experiance with this stuff im anxious to buy.