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  1. Would you suggest still using tretinoin and aczone. will that at least get rid of the hyperpigmentation and melasma I still have.
  2. I've had bad hyperpigmentation since I was 16. It has gotten somewhat better, but they still remain with Icepick scars. I think most of it has to do with my constant time in the sun during he sports, but I'm 20 now. So my dermatologist has been putting me on tretinon and aczone and I have seen slight improvement with 4 months of use. But the main thing that won't go away are the ice pick Scars that make my pores look TERRIBLE under florescent light. I've bought the AHA from the store on th
  3. I have Hyperpigmentation and acne scars which have caused enlarged pores. They make my face look like they are a lot of holes. Also the dark spots are all allocated in one area on my face that it appears as if there is a line on my face as you can see in the second picture. I need help on how I can fix my face. I also start college again in two weeks and I already know people will judge me for this, or maybe I'm paranoid. Thank you.
  4. you guys are so helpful!! I'm hoping I won't need to go to try and cover my marks since I am on a regimen right now. I'll be posting a blog on how much marks progresses (if it get's better or worse) and update it weekly. I'll keep you all posted on how my first few days of college are and I'll try my hardest to be as confident as possible! thanks again!
  5. I am an 18 year old African American guy. So I leave for College in a week, which is 5 hours away from me. I have struggled with social anxiety from 10th grade when I began to develop acne. It didn't not get really bad but I wasn't conscious about it. I was more anxious about things like my health, and stuff like that. The anxiety I am surely caused me to develop more acne. It wasn't until 11th grade where the acne got really bad. Now it's after high school and I don't have any more acne but
  6. Hi. I am an African American teen, 17 and I need help with my acne marks. I need ways to lessen the discoloration from hyperpigmentation. I was looking for home remedies online because I don't really have the time for medicines or a trip to the dermatologist because I still have school before break. So the home remedy I saw was to use raw potato. I started using it a couple of days ago and I think it is pretty effective but its too early to tell. I wanted to know if raw potato is an effective tr
  7. Sorry!! Here is a picture of my acne.
  8. sbabs45

    Acne (No Treatment)

    Acne before I start suggested treatment
  9. Hey! This is my first post. I am an African-American teen and I don't have any pimples but alot of acne scars! It's looks different for my normal skin as you can see in the picture below. I need recommendations on what to do! It's has gotten less over time but not noticablely!! I need a natural home remedy or a medicine I can use to get rid of this. I'm pretty sure this is Hyperpigmentation caused by previous acne but someone correct me if I'm wrong! I start school in a month and a half and I w