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  1. You should use the clinique acne solutions liquid makeup its so good
  2. Ok so this is the only scarring i have now that shows the most they are actually flat And then the other picture is me with makeup but im tired of wearing like foundation so is there like a non comedogenic tinted moisturizer or bb cream that wont give me blemishes AND hide the scarring? Guys lol i had REALLY bad acne that would make me cry and when i picked at a big pimple it would like "open up" and be a mess! And my dermatologist prescribed me minocycline and i never took it and then when i
  3. TTO is supposed to dry out skin idk why but it does that it is an anti fungal oil
  4. I use Hollywood beauty tea tree oil on my face every single night and im clear now soooooo
  5. Yeah do not go on accutane, my dermatologist said that if my acne doesnt get better on the minocycline she prescribed me then she will prescribe me accutane. YET the acne on my legs went away, my back acne got so much better i literally only have one spot by my shoulder and my face at the moment looks good i only have scars that will go away soon. However, she does not know i did not take the minocycline and cleared up without it. I kept reading all over the internet that it makes your acne wors
  6. Clinique breaks you out and THEN gets better........its just bringing everything to the surface my guess is
  7. Thanks for the advice and tomorrow I will post pictures of me without makeup....thanks
  8. Aw thank you but ugh just so depressed and jealous of all those pimpleless people
  9. This is my first topic on here so hi! I started getting acne in the 7th grade before all my friends. The reason why I think I got acne was because i wore a bit of foundation at that age to hide my dark eye circles because of my insecurities. Then i started wearing it on my entire face which probably clogged up my pores. I had really bad acne and I did not know my makeup was causing it. I wish someone had told me makeup causes acne because i was about 12 years old and of course did not know. Fr
  10. You don´t have to have a clear face to be beautiful. It seems like you are stressing about this way more than you need to. I know exactly how you feel though. There are things you can do to get rid of your acne, it isn´t permanent. Try going to a dermatologist, it helps-well it helped me at least. Also. don´t eat things that you notice break you out, for example, chocolate, dairy, junk food etc...I stopped eating those things that made me break out and started drinking nothing but water and it r