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  1. I just started accutane about a week ago and my skin is very red, I sit near an open window all day, should I start wearing sunscreen while inside, and how often should I reapply it?
  2. 10 Weeks and no improvement

    I follow the regimen diligently and I use AHA. My acne is just as bad as it was before, plus all my scars last way longer. It's very aggravating, because Dan guarantees that it will work for you if you follow the steps. I had complete faith in this because of that, and it was incredibly depressing when I got no results.
  3. It's been three months of diligent use of the regimen and 2 months of AHA. Occasionally I'm in the sun without sunscreen, but that's about the extent of my deviation. I'm still getting about a pimple a day. WTF.
  4. I've been on the regimen for about 2 1/2 months. My acne is basically all gone but my face looks no better because of all the red spots I have! They don't seem to be fading at any quick rate. The left side of my face had almost no acne for the past month and the red marks have hardly faded at all!
  5. It's in the morning, will my face look less red? I'm 2 months in so the effect is still there, it's just mild
  6. Just to be clear, I do mix it with moisturizer and jojoba oil every night. Am I still doing it too often?
  7. If you buy over 75 dollars you get free shipping. Just buy your stuff all at once
  8. Wow, three years. By then I probably won't even need the regimen then. Is that normal for most people or are you an extreme case?
  9. This was purposefully vague so I could ask two questions. Mwu-ha-ha! 1. My skin still gets red from the BP, and it's almost been two months. Will that stop when my acne fades or will it just continue as long as I'm on the regimen. 2. I've been using a pump of AHA every night and it feels like a mini-reprise of when I started the regimen. Is this normal? I'm fine with it as long as it eventually adjusts...
  10. I grow Marijuana with my parents, and it requires me to be outside a lot and wear sunscreen. A couple questions: 1. Do you guys apply sunscreen right after applying your regimen? It seems like it doesn't absorb when I do it, even if I wait half an hour. 2. How do you avoid the irritation to the face when applying sunscreen? If applying the regimen is a mild irritant, then applying sunscreen is like a bulldozer across my face. An oil-free bulldozer, but still a bulldozer nonetheless. How do yo
  11. Your skin doesn't look bad. Consider that your skin will look like shit for the first and possibly second month of the regimen.... If you've already done the work it might not be worth it to switch, but then again the regimen seems to be taking longer for me than it does for other people.
  12. I would Highly recommend saving a few extra bucks and buying Dan's BP. Try to buy like two things of it so you get free shipping. That is the staple of the regimen, and I've read about plenty of people using Dan's BP and other products for their moisturizer and cleanser. Also, you say you get out a lot? Do you wear sunscreen?
  13. So I can just expect it to fade? Will that happen when my acne goes away or just over time?
  14. It could be that your skin is reacting to the BP, what was the reaction when you started the regimen?
  15. I'm a guy, I've been on the regimen for about six weeks. And parts of my face are more red then others, it looks really ugly. And yes, I do spread bp and aha pretty evenly across my face, although it's definitely not perfect. Is this normal/will this fade?