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  1. Hi a couple weeks ago i was having trouble with dry flaky skin and a gross texture on my face and i couldn't find out how to fix it. I was using bp in the morning after i shower and at night after i washed my face and just way to much , i was also using a moisturizer with salicylic acid, my face turned beat red and skin peeled in large patches. Over time i used less bp and switched moisturizers, the peeling was gone but i found i had little white flakes. I had jojoba oil so i put a lot on my fa
  2. I don't have much experience with electric razors but i read on the site that your supposed to use a 2 bladed razor after you shower and to use the cleanser as shaving cream, i just got my products from acne.org about a week ago and last night i used his shaving method and it seems to have worked pretty well. The site said that a 2 bladed razor can be less irritating than an electric and its better to shave every day or every other day to avoid irritation, i guess letting it grow out then shavin
  3. To Strong , Get 2.5% INSTEAD!!

    I went out to buy what the regimen called for but my only option at the moment was this which is 10% when you really need 2.5% . This stuff if 4 times stronger than what you need, its so strong that over a period of a week it did help with acne but in the process it peeled my skin. My skin slowly turned red than suddenly bright red which then let to large patches of skin drying and peeling off, over time i reduced the amount i use. The product seems to be so strong that you cant apply it all ove
  4. Hi! im relatively new to the regimen, i started it a couple weeks ago and made the mistake of using 10% bp, my skin turned red and eventually i had a layer of dead skin that peeled of in large flakes, my skin felt tight and moisturizer did little to help but my acne seems to slowed and such. Im planning on buying from acne.org so i can stop with the hit and misses when buying from the store. As of right now i still get smaller dry flakes on my skin and cannot apply any more bp since i only have