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  1. January 10, 2015: IM BALDING. At the crown of my head, I am losing hair and I have a bald spot the size of a quarter!!! I'm totally freaking out. I need to schedule an appointment with my dermatologist to let him know...as for my acne, I'm still all clear and my marks are about 90% gone
  2. December 21,2015 (Day 130): Hey guys, hope everyone's having a merry Christmas. I've been meaning to update you all, but I keep forgetting. I've been clear for about two months now, but I still have a few acne marks that will hopefully clear up. I still use tretinoin 0.1% cream and I wash my face daily daily with Benzoyl peroxide 5% and salicylic acid 2% face wash. My skin is once again oily, but NOWHERE near as bad as it used to be. It's easy enough to just dab my forehead with a paper towel. T
  3. October 31,2015 (Day...I don't know...): I know it's been a while, I've been super busy with school... I've been free of acne for two weeks now (but before that, I broke out kind of bad). I still continue to use Benzoyl Peroxide face wash, Salicylic Acid face wash. Retin-A cream, and lots and lots of face lotion. The Retin-A really dried my skin out again, but it helped control my breakouts, so I'm ok with it! I'm loving my acne free skin (although I do get a pimple once in a while here and ther
  4. September 27,2015 (Day 62): Friday, Spetember 25 at my doctors appointment, my dermatologist told me I no longer need accutane and he discontinued my prescription. Although I still break out, it is no where as bad as it used to be (according to him), and he claims that I've reached "75% acne clearance". I begged for one more month, but he doesn't want to risk any side effects. I took my very last pill today. I hope I still continue clearing up.
  5. September 14,2015 (Day 49): My extremely dry skin has been resolved since last time I complained about it, and I still get super dry lips, but I still use Vaseline and it helps. I haven't seen any of the lip balms anyone suggested . Two days ago I broke out in a rash. It was REALLY bad. Bumps all over my hands, face, ears, neck, arms, basically everywhere (but not the chest or legs). It started on my hands and forehead, then day by day, it spread to my forearm, and now it's on my shoulders. I w
  6. September 6, 2015 (Day 41): Sorry I havent posted in a while! I've been so busy with school work. So anyway, I still have severe dyness, but I control it by using vaseline on my face (which is non comegogenic). Sure, my face is shiny all day, but it's either that, or super dry peeling skin. Being so self conscious of my dry skin is really making it hard for me to make friends at school. I'm not the most socialable person because of my skin right now. I carry 3 bottles of face lotion, a small mir
  7. August 26,2015 (Day 30): My face is SO dry. It's so ridiculous. The right side of my mouth, where my lips connect is a bloody mess. The skin was so dry that even after using amlactin, the skin cracked open, and I had to go to school looking stupid. It's only my 2nd day in school and I'm super embarrassed. I could barely talk and lunch was nearly impossible to eat because it hurt too bad to open my mouth. It scabbed over in the course of the school day, but now, the rest of my face is peeling rea
  8. August 25,2015 (Day 29): I just left the dermatologists office. He says I'll only need 2 months of accutane total! Not 4 ! He said I'm already at 80% clearance so we can cut my treatment to 2 months. I'm just worried that I'll have a relapse.
  9. August 19, 2015 (Day 23): Yeah @pdf97 , I agree, I'll start doing it once a week, but while I'm here, I may as well "log" what went on today.I broke out really bad, on both cheeks and on my forehead. I was basically forced out the house today, because I didn't want to have to face society. Oh well, I know it'll get better soon. See you guys next week.
  10. Day 22 (August 18,2015): sorry, I know I'm late. My computer somehow has a virus and is not operational right now. I'm debating whether I should record my skin condition everyday, or every other day, or once a week. I don't know, what do you think? I had my cholesterol labs done today, I'll let everyone know the results tomorrow or Thursday. Today I woke up with more acne than usual. About 7 pimples, including one on my forehead. I have NO clue why, but my nose which used to be perfectly spotles
  11. WOW! Thanks! Wait, I just thought about what you said lol. That can't be true, because the body will still use the liver's store of glycogen (it stores approximately 500 carbs). Even with moderate exercise, it takes about 2 days to deplete that, so there's no way you enter into ketosis every night. What you may be referring to is catabolism (of the muscles), but whatever, I still probably shouldn't freak out over it as long as I'm feeling ok. Thanks though!
  12. It took 11 days for me.The thing that took the longest, was them mailing me the iPledge username and pasword(almost a week).
  13. Day 21 (August 17, 2015): When I woke up this morning, I had four whiteheads. One was on my lip unfortunately. It hurts too much to remove, so I left it alone. I'm going tomorrow to get my cholesterol labs done. Hopefully everything goes well. Honesty though, my face has cleared up so much already, i'm worried that my derm may decrease my dose. I was kind of a recluse, because of my weight/acne, but now that I've lost weight, I was still so shy because of my acne, but now I feel more confident!
  14. Even if you don't tolerate gluten or sugar well, that doesn't mean you're stuck being in a ketosis diet. Theres plenty of gluten-free carbohydrates, like brown rice and buckwheat, and they wont make your blood sugar spike : ) Oh, and I forgot to mention that I use it to combat my hereditary high blood pressure.