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  1. Might just be an exceptionally poor healer.
  2. I suspect this might be due to needles that are too thick and thus drag, the ones they use on dermapens tend to be larger than the ones on stamps and rollers. Clinically-speaking, microneedling when done properly is quite effective over time, assuming healing is optimized. I would wait after at least 6 sessions to assess improvement, collagen takes a while to grow and settle, scar remodelling can actually take up to a year.
  3. Over the years I have noted many cases of of people suddenly and persistently breaking out after moving to a different locale, it happened to me as well when I moved to Italy, went from zero to Zitsville in a matter of weeks, real nasty cysts too. I don't think it was a coincidence, when you swap continents you're invariably going to be exposed to new and different microbial environments and depending on certain genetic predilections its quite possible that some complex systemic interplay could
  4. Minor puncture wounds will heal without a scar.
  5. LOL yes, I am a troll that goes around pointing out the rampant quackery here for shits and giggles. And your sources suck because they've convinced you this bunk actually works. No reputable i.e. accredited academic source would ever suggest such utter nonsense. Assuming this works exactly the way you claim (it doesn't), removing 100% of scar tissue still wouldn't fix acne scarring as its defining characteristic is collagen loss i.e. pitting, not scar tissue. So
  6. WTF, this again??? No offense but your research sources suck, this is quackery of the highest order and the whole thing is simply impossible from a biological standpoint, scar tissue is not some anomaly and your system is not going to magically start digesting it just because you're starving yourself. In other words, you're just wasting your time and will be very disappointed, just like all the others here that have tried this.
  7. Microdermabrasion will hardly put a dent in scars, might help with minor textural issues.
  8. Lasers won't do much for actual atrophic scarring unless you have a lot of repeated treatments at the highest energy settings, not very economical or practical. Keep doing that, results take time but they are culminative. 50% is pretty weak for CROSS, it'll work but twice as poorly as 100%, that is, it'll take you twice as long to see the results, which can be very impressive. Don't bother with them, their efficacy is questionable and at
  9. Yes. http://iplandlaserdamagesupport.prophpbb.com/
  10. Subcision/suction, needling, peels. Multiple rounds.
  11. Subcision and CROSS for the deeper icepicks.
  12. Properly done and with high TCA %, yes, its very effective.
  13. I referenced it in a related post I made a while back. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/157005-scarless-healing/?do=findComment&comment=3491745
  14. General rule of thumb is the more treatments you combine the better the end result will be. That recent Indian study that yielded fantastic results combined needling and TCA peels along with subcision, so you'd very likely do quite well.