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  1. I know that it's hard for you to not wear makeup because of your acne, but if you want your skin to clear up faster, I think you should stop wearing makeup first. You may not look as good for a couple of months, but what you can do is just try to not think about it because people don't care as much about your pimples as you do. When your skin is clear, you'll shock them all. Here are a few tips instead of wearing makeup 1) You can wear a bold lipstick color to distract people from concentrati
  2. So I started breaking out a lot a few months ago only on my cheeks. I have been using Epiduo for 9 weeks (2 months and 1 week) AND HOLY CRAP. I used to get 1-4 pimples a week and just be really depressed about it. I stopped breaking out on week 8 and I haven't gotten a pimple since week 7. It just makes me feel soooo... AMAZED. I'm so used to waking up in the morning and seeing a new pimple on my face and just feeling sad. And now it hasn't happened in weeks and I've just been feeling really goo
  3. Thanks for the advice. I changed my routine and only use the moisturizer during the day, and Epiduo at night. I haven't broken out/gotten a pimple or got irritated/dry skin since I've been doing that.
  4. I've been using Epiduo for almost 9 weeks and I haven't broken out in more than a week. I'm hoping it will stay like this!! It's cool how we started at the same time hehe
  5. Do you think it's okay to still use the moisturizer during the day when I don't put on Epiduo?
  6. So I've been using Epiduo for 7 weeks in total. In those 7 weeks, I haven't moisturized the first 5 weeks. I started using Nature Republic's Bee Venom Emulsion/Moisturizer which is supposed to help acne prone skin for 2 weeks already. These are the moisturizer's main ingredients: Bee venom complex 73%, Salicylic Acid, Calamine powder, Alps glacier (MD201), Mistletoe extract, Camellia extract My skin has cleared probably 30% since I started using Epiduo. I still get breakouts every week, mayb
  7. I'm 17 and I recently started breaking out since October 2014, and I didn't take it seriously because I would never really get pimples before. I started breaking out badly in February and I started to get a lot of red marks that wouldn't fade away and ever since March 2015, I would get at least 1-3 pimples a week. I didn't visit a dermatologist until June and she prescribed me with doxycycline and epiduo. I only took doxycycline for about a month and I stopped. But I've been using the epiduo eve