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  1. I bet if I used lemon water, it would be even faster. Retin A did NOTHING for me...for years. I'd try Dan's first. I mean, it did stop my new pimples (I'm 29 and used Retin A from 19-26), but when I stopped eating sugar and milk, that stopped pimples just as well. That's just my 2 cents on that. When I used SPF, I saw a difference in my hyperpigmentation fading, too. I could have smacked myself at how simple a concept it is. Duh! The sun is going to cause color changes in anything and it c
  2. I don't post much but reading through this thread reminds me that I'm not alone. I had tickets to a basketball game, so I took this guy I liked. I didn't know the lights at games are so bright. I wanted to leave as soon as we got there. I made him sit on my good side and I smiled the whole time because when I smile, it scrunches my cheeks in a way that you can't see my scars soo well. I had to tell myself to breathe and that he already knows I have scars. I thought about them the whol
  3. I posted pics months ago and I received some great responses. I have scars and hyperpigmentation - I started using the apple cider vinegar as toner for my hyperpigmented scars and SLOWLY but surely they started fading. They can take up to a year to fade, usually. When I combine the ACV with the lemon water, I notice my skin is much better. I've also been using Pure Deming's Intense Gel. That has helped my pocked scarring slightly, that may or may not have helped my hyperpigmentation. I pu
  4. I love the day by day updates that people give on ths thread. Lets everyone who is going to try it know what to expect. I'm very happy for those of you who are seeing improvement!
  5. Actually, I would have thought using pee on your body was crazy until I watched "Worlds Apart" (great show on National Geographic. They take an All-American family and send them to live in a "3rd World" country for a week. The American family ends up learning that these people aren't stupid or savages and sometimes they don't want to leave!) Anyway...I learned on that show that some cultures use pee to wash their hair and face. The show's commentator said that pee is completely sterile (unlik
  6. I've posted photos of my scars and I was hurt when someone said their scars weren't as bad as mine, even though they didn't mean it in a bad way. ( I don't know, I'd like to think of my scars as moderate, but I guess they are severe to some people. That said, even if someone has less scarring than you, that doesn't mean it affects them any less. I used to be jealous of a friend who was thinner than I was (I weighed almost 200 pounds). I lost the weight and still obsess and feel "fat' on some
  7. My job is far from glamorous, but anyway... Just because they are rich and famous and have access to the best plastic surgeons doesn't mean their plastic surgeons are up on the latest treatments. A lot of L.A. docs don't have their noses buried in the lasted edition of JAMA, they're too busy getting interviewed on Extreme Makeover or quoted in an Allure article. I think we're lucky, in a way. We have this board and know more than most people who rely on their docs and would never know abou
  8. I just had the sixth of my sixth Cool Touch treatments (The place I go to is using the Cool Touch II Laser as opposed to the original Cool Touch). I paid $1500 for the six treatments. Honestly, I can see some improvement, not much, but the scars aren't as deep anymore (perhaps 20% improvement...for some reason they looked great the day I posted, then they seemed to not look so great later on...wierd). The improvement may be due to the combination of the Cool Touch and the Pure Deming.
  9. Almost had an outr loud sympathy laugh at the "looking at yourself in different lighting" part. That's part of my daily routine. Look at my face from front, from sides, in sunlight, in overhead bathroom light...LOL. Most doctors aren't up on the newest treatments. Even here in the beauty capital of the US (Los Angeles), many top Beverly Hills derms told me NOTHING could be done for my scars. I come here and find out they are wrong. I'd find out who the chief of dermatology is at a local h
  10. I am so impressed with the regular Intense Gel, if this is better it would be almost unbelievable! For anyone who wonders what the whole ALA thing is about, read this thread: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=12871 Cheers, Tan
  11. I have downloaded the TCA document and really think that will be the next thing I try *after* my sixth session of Cool Touch II. Maybe I'm going crazy, but after using Pure Deming Intense Gel for almost two weeks, I swear I'm seeing serious improvement. I'll take photos and post later on. Perhaps the Cool Touch has just started to kick in combined with the Pure Deming, but something is definitely working. I'm bi-racial (Black and White) and this is the only thing after YEARS of trying (TCA p
  12. Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a long time and really appreciate everyone on this board. Before I found this board, I signed up for Cool Touch II treatments (only thing I could find on my own for olive-complected skin) and have had four so far. I think I see a slight (15%, maybe?) change, but it could also be the Pure Deming (love that stuff!). Anyhow, I'm not even sure if I have icepick scars, rolling or what. I did look at the FAQ and still can't tell. I'm trying to decide whether t