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  1. After doing my own research on B5, I decided what the heck -- and I got some. I cannot BELIEVE the difference. My face usually is a regular oil well. People talk about being oily by noon. For me, within an HOUR of washing in the morning, I'm already greasy. Not any more! By the THIRD DAY I noticed the oil was gone. I thought it was just a fluke -- that I wanted it to work so bad that I THOUGHT I was noticing less oil. But I went through the whole next day without oil, and the next and the next. My nose didn't feel like a strawberry anymore -- it felt like glass! Wow! I also wanted to mention that I don't do the four or five times a day thing. I take 10 pills in the a.m. and 10 pills before bed. It's still working that way. I see the benefit in taking more a day -- constantly keeping B5 in your system -- but I know I would not stick to a five times a day regimen. I'm thinking of switching to three times a day, and throwing a dose in with my lunch that I make every night. BUT I don't know -- if it's working at this dose, hey -- it ain't broke, don't fix! I notice some weird things that I just always got used to. Like now, my eyeglasses and sunglasses don't slip down my nose all day -- or at all. I haven't noticed a reduction in zits yet, just the oiliness is gone. I think the zits will go away in time. I'm 38, and my zits got worse this summer after I went off the birth control pill. I didn't know you could get patches of brown (melasma) on your face from using the pill for 17 years. They don't tell ya that! I initially went on the pill for my acne (OK, other reasons, too). So of course, when I went off the pill, my acne exploded. (bad pun!) Especially around my period. I'm a teacher, and my students made comments about my acne! I even get NECK zits!!! Scary. Anyway, I have high hopes for B5. If it can reduce oil, it will reduce acne. Also, my skin doesn't feel so itchy anymore like it did before B5. Wow, acne my whole life and it turns out the cure is a vitamin! I always wanted vitamin A to work like retin-A.