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  1. I had white spots on my nails for as long as I remember. I asked a parent, and they told me it was from Zinc deficiency. I started taking Zinc supplements (along with other vitamins) and the condition stayed the same. I've been on vitamins for over five years now and the condition still persists. I am VERY rough with my hands and this is what I attribute the condition to.
  2. What type of scarring do you have (rolling, boxcar, icepick, combination)? Pictures would help greatly.
  3. ^Off topic: PM me your address Pff..I'll send you a new keyboard. PS/2 or USB. Let me know.
  4. I would use a mild PH balanced cleanser (the one Dan offers) and Benzoyle Peroxide (to rid yourself of the acne you currently have) with Aloe Vera. Your acne looks like it has the potential to scar severely so I would look into seeing a dermatologist for some antibiotics or possibly Accutane. Edit: It also looks like you are being abrasive with your exfoliation or perhaps you are picking? Your lesions shouldn't rupture like that.
  5. ^They'll probably pay for it later in life.
  6. I have the same problem and am trying to make a connection with the products I use. Maybe we have a genetic predisposition to these types of scars...perhaps dry skin? Do you use the ProActive Toner too? That has Witch Hazel in it, by-the-way.
  7. Do you use an Astringent such as Witch Hazel? I am beginning to believe this is what is causing mine or perhaps is exacerbating the condition.
  8. WHERE CAN I SIGN-UP!? PUT ME INTO A COMA NOW!! No, it's not true.
  9. They still sound like Epidermal Cysts...can you take a picture by chance? Check-out my thread that I posted. Do they look like the ones in the pictures?
  10. Even if you don't solve the physical afflication, one should at-least be able to recognize the fact that they have done their best in dealing with a very unfortunate situation (one that is very much out of your control as it is in). This is something you can be proud of. Don't give up and complain that you still have problems...you'll never know if you could have seen the end to your acne. If you haven't seen a Dermatologist, I would definitely make strides into seeing one. Many offer free cons
  11. Everyone is different. If you continue to compare yourselves to others, you will end-up confusing their issues with yours and this will not solve anything. Worry about your problems now and you will be rewarded in the future. Just because someone else hasn't struggled with the same issues as you, it doesn't mean they won't struggle in the future with something equally as damaging. Stay intuned with your situation and try to improve as you go. You'll be able to put it behind you sooner than you t
  12. beentheredonethat is probably right. She correctly diagnosed the same thing for me in this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=119760 I had them removed yesterday and have been taking pictures. I will post an update in the thread as soon as I get a chance.
  13. Thanks Greg. What are your scars like by-the-way?