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  1. I'm baby sitting so I'm spending time on the Internet and this webpage is left on with my other work. Btw age has no relevance to one wanting to wear makeup, I'm 19 LOL.
  2. yeah just see how it goes for you. Well I'm not a self- obssesed person like other girls who fake their appearance, I show my face as it really is. Acne doesn't discriminate to one gender
  3. It's like the curse of vegas, haha Have you considered going to a dermatologist? mabye they have good treatment plans for you. Or just order proactiv from ebay,
  4. I have marks all over my cheeks. In person they look much worse, trust me.
  5. Even now your skin is not too bad. Try to stay positive, once you find a good skincare routine things should clear up! But seriously though, it isn't that bad, there's more to a person than their skin. Keep smiling ! Yeah Australian weather is alright,
  6. I have marks like that too. Your cheeks aren't bad at all though, since it's sunny in vegas always wear spf 15 or greater, protecting marks from UV will help them fade faster. The fading takes time sadly, wish there was a cream that took them away overnight. Oh well It must be annoying living with the hot weather in vegas atm. Here in Australia it's currently winter but it's not too cold here - I like the hot weather but at the same time I hate it, haha
  7. Yes so true! I used to use Proactiv agessss ago and the company kept sending me new bottles without me agreeing. It's a money scam but it wasn't too bad. Sometimes shopping centers or are they called Malls in America have little proactiv desks that sell their stuff. Your skin doesn't look like it has cystic pimples, the texture looks healthy.
  8. That looks good. Read reviews on the product if you can I bought products off Amazon before that weren't what they advertised. But it should be fine.
  9. Hey, I know it must be really hard trying so hard with your skincare but getting no results. You need to stay strong and keep some hope into things becoming better. I have never used that cream before so I don't know how it will go but all you can do is see how your skin takes it. If active acne doesn't start clearing soon you should dismiss the cream. Is it worth it getting more marks from extra acne while using a cream that probably isn't effective. I personally would give it 1 more we
  10. Oh I've used that before. It irritated my skin, it has some pretty drying ingredients and fragrance. Mabye that's what caused the dry skin on your nose. Get a gentle facewash. Yeah that Azclear wash is only here in Australia I think, haha Does your local shops sell Cetaphil. Try the foaming wash by Cetaphil. It has a purple lid.
  11. What face wash are you using? Normal soap will irritate your skin. Do they sell Azclear foaming wash in Vegas. I use it, it's pretty good.
  12. These marks linger around for AGES!!! I have had them for 6 months now, some longer.
  13. If your skin is well moisturised it shouldn't crack. Try a primer underneath if you don't already have one. NYX sells a matte primer which makes skin really smooth and pretty good for foundation application.
  14. Hey, I got PIH too so I understand just how distressing it can be. You mentioned chemical peels but have you had a TCA peel, it's deep, layers of skin ends up peeling off (ew I know). If you got the cash then Fraxel laser might help, other then that it's just a lengthy process that takes patience and time. I have been using a Copper Peptide serum which is aimed at promoting wound healing but so far I'm not seeing any promosing progress. Your skin isn't that bad, Paulaschoice.com have BH
  15. Omg I used to use the 24hr stay foundation and even in the lightest colour it oxidised and made my skin so oily and greasy, like wth. Having that residue on your skin isn't good. Go for the fit me one, better colour range and if it claims to be a matte base it should be safer. Maybelline also has that mineral wear powder foundation, I used to use it, it ain't too bad. Try a tester of it if you can