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  1. a very, very late opinion on how things turned out after I started the caveman regimen. I'm still doing it.....in one way or another. My skin is so much better. I solved my rosacea problem by cleansing my face with safflower oil, exfoliating gently with my hands and blotting the excess oil with a paper towel. After everything calmed down, I started applying aloe vera gel twice per day, nothing else. I'm still not washing my face, not applying tons of chemicals, not stressing out. I must say it's
  2. So almost 2 months passed and today I woke up to something that scared me to death..... I think I developed rosacea or something. My face is red, itchy, and it has lots of little bumps. I continued the caveman regimen and did not wash my face. Now I have this. IF ANYONE SEES THIS AND KNOWS A WAY TO HELP ME, PLEASE COMMENT, I REALLY NEED IT
  3. 25th day: I don't really know what to say about this regimen. I might have found out my acne is caused by my diet. Right now I have a huge whitehead on my right cheek and two blind pimples that hurt like hell, near my mouth. The caveman regimen itself was really helpful on my skin, meaning that it looks way better than it did in the beginning. I am just battling with discoloration now. After I finish the regimen I will start exfoliating gently twice a week with a sponge, and keep it simple a
  4. The beginning of the 2nd week: well, my skin is starting to rebel against me. It's very rough, full of flakes, my nose looks like sand paper, i even have dry flakes in my eyebrows and on my eyelids.... As if that was not enough, I have one big pimple on the right side of my jaw, one blind pimple, a red patch that will probably grow into a blind pimple, two whiteheads and some red bumps, all on my right cheek, the pimples on the sides of my temple reduced in size and I have two small pimples tha
  5. 12th day: my skin is still a combination of oiliness and dryness. Today i started getting a few pimples: small whiteheads near my mouth, some soon-to-be whiteheads (just some ees bumps) on my cheeks and others between my eyebrows. My nose is very congested and itchy. The pimples from the other day grew in size
  6. 9th day: my skin is a weird combination of oily skin and dry flakes so I guess the dry skin mask everyone is talking about is going to visit me soon. The two big pimples I popped not long ago, dried and formed a scab that fell by themselves today, leaving behind only a little bit of discoloration. My skin is still looking good, except for two red spots on my jawline and one on each side of my temple; but they might be caused by my poor diet recently (LOTS of sweets, beer, pasta, ice cream, grill
  7. 7th day: I can't believe a week passed! Well, nothing much changed today, I had my exam, I did not drink my peppermint tea, sadly, and the two big pimples on my right cheek (I removed the scab from the otherpimple too...) are now only two small, red dots. My skin is kind of congested and slightly itchy
  8. 6th day: My skin is just a little bit congested, I have a small whitehead between my eyebrows. The small whiteheads from my left cheek reduced in number and the ones that remained seem to have turned yellow and hardened a little bit. About my two big and angry whiteheads from my right cheek.....erm....that's a funny story. One of them hardened and formed a scab, and the other one....well, I popped it. I tried to get out as much pus and blood as I could and now I have a small, red bump. I am r
  9. Ok I know I am supposed to avoid applying anything on my skin but I used a little bit of oregano oil directly on my whiteheads because they are enormous, and I'm not exaggerating. Monday I have my first exam and I cannot simply bring myself to get out of the house and look people in the eyes with two monstrously big whiteheads in the middle of my cheek, completely obvious.
  10. 5th day: I still did not wash my face and it feels so refreshing to sleep more and not have to spend one hour to apply all my creams and treatments. My skin is still oily (nothing new) but I am very happy to notice that my skin is improving little by little, everyday. I have a few new whiteheads on my left cheek, but they are very small and hardly noticeable. The blind pimple on my right cheek became a whitehead (and that's surprisingly fast, because they usually linger on my skin for a week
  11. I started this regimen 4 days ago and since then I have kept a quite detailed diary. I will write here the first 4 days and then start posting every day or every other day, based on the changes I will be observing. First things first, my skin is a combination of oily skin on my T-zone and normal (neither oily, nor dry) skin on my cheeks. My most prone to breakouts areas are my cheeks and once in a blue moon, my jawline or around my eyebrows. At the moment I'm taking 30 mg of zinc, vitamin D3 1
  12. A little update: I changed my mind and decided to try the drastic approach, meaning that I will not wash my face. At all. It has been 4 days already and I must say that I'm a pool of oil and all kinds of pimples here and there (one blind pimples here, two whiteheads here, a few blackheads somewhere else) My skin is certainly improving and my pimples come to surface rather fast but I guess I cannot say anything after only 4 days
  13. I have started a modified caveman regimen today. I only rinsed my face with some lukewarm water in the morning and patted it dry with a clean tissue paper. Nothing else. My face has been oily today but I used some clean tissues to blot everything. My skin is combination and right now I'm close to my period and my exams and I'm stressed......also, I have a few burned patches on my cheeks and I treat them with Avene cicalfate and my skin improved in two days like in one week so it's amazing. But t
  14. I want to try it

    I basically started today.... My current skin condition: a few burned patches caused by my recklessness because I used a harsh acne treatment on my face after an acne mask. I woke up with big, raw skin patches on both of my cheeks. Currently I am using Avene cicalfate on them and I see an improvement. Small red bumps, 3 on my forehead and 2 on my right cheek and 2 whiteheads on my cheeks. My skin is combination and right now I'm close to my period and my exams so I'm kind of stressed..
  15. Hm....I can't tell you exactly what to do because honestly, acne is a matter of trial and error.... So....the only thing I can do for now is to give you some examples from my routine and let you decide. Morning: wash your hands first, and then slightly wash your face with lukewarm water, to remove some of the sebum, and then you can use your foaming cleanser. You can use a diy toner made of green tea and apple cider vinegar (keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks) or rice water with a little