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  1. It's good to know that even though I've been clear for about 2 1/2 years (thanks to accutane) that I am now having to deal with multiple other disorders, the main one being Social Anxiety Disorder and of course 24/7 self-consciousness. I don't mean to make you guy's feel bad because getting clear really is the best thing to ever happen to me, but realistically it was just the start of my journey. I'm currently scheduled for an appointment to get on some medication for Social Anxiety Disorder be
  2. Yep 1 year clear here, really is the best thing to happen to me.
  3. 820 MG of accutane a day? If thats true your livers going to shut down in about 2 days.
  4. Do it, accutane is a miracle drug if you can't put past a fear of needles to have clear skin for the rest of your life for most then your acne must not be very bad. Accutane is simply amazing.
  5. Huge layers of my skin would just come right off when i was on accutane in the first few months.
  6. Accutane is gonna reduce the amount of oil you make even after you get off it so afterwards your body simply won't have enough oil to give out even with the hormones asking to secreet more oil.
  7. Yeah guys only have to take 2 blood tests one at the start and 1 a month in the chicks have to take 1 every month + pregnancy tests
  8. That sucks she should just jump you up to your max if your that bad. I got put at my max from the start.
  9. Yeah i kinda feel the same, is it like one of those feelings where your doing something and then all of a sudden you feel out of your mind and forget everything then feel really weird like, well to me it feels like when you smoke weed and your high, that how i describe it.
  10. I called, they told me to just stop until i go to the derm in 6 days :\ Thats along time to be off i think 500+ mg missed.
  11. LOL I can't believe this topic is still here. I tried this like 6 months ago, its a total joke. DON'T do it it makes your face look terrible. Can't say no one tried to pre-warn you.
  12. Im starting to see a little bit of double, not quite full double yet, and its getting worse. Tonight i can basically see double when i look at something like my clock in the dark. Ive never had the best of eyes so im wondering if this is just my eyes getting worse, bad contacts, dryness in my eyes from the accutane or possibly accutane itself. Wondering if i should schedule for the optometrist.