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  1. What others have you tried? (sorry if this is too personal/prying, just out of curiosity) Did you have any initital breakouts etc?
  2. i've been looking into starting to use birth control recently (have never been on it before) and was wondering if it would have an effect on my acne at all considering it is only mild/moderate-- the worst of it being around "that time" when I usually have a few cystic spots pop up around jawline/mouth. If so, what would be recommended? Preferably something with the least side effects-- main concerns are weight gain and of course an INCREASE in acne-- that's a no no. (Also note that I'm a bit s
  3. That's interesting, cause I only ever walk on the treadmill on quite a steep incline or at a relatively moderate pace-- maybe it's just the duration of time I'm working out for? I would have thought that running would break you out the same as doing cardio such as bike/elliptical as your heart rate is still up? I noticed the breakout was the worst after I'd been on the treadmill for an hour at a pace of around 6.0 and an incline of 9% (I am very petite/short so that's quite fast for my little l
  4. YES. i used to do a lot of intense cardio and it definitely made me break out on chin/jawline. i quit it.. even now if i were to do intense cardio every day for like a week i definitely would breakout from it Wow, so I'm not the only one! Do you still do any cardio now? What would you recommend instead? Better cut down on the high-intensity cardio then; which is a shame cause I do thoroughly enjoy it, but it's definitely not worth these ridiculous breakouts each time ^ I also found that
  5. Hmm... Interesting. I've had a quick read through this thread: and have noticed that I have quite a few of the mentioned symptoms. I might cut back on the cardio a little and have a few more rest days in between workouts and see if there is any difference/improvement. Maybe so much exercise straight off the bat is a shock to my system and I am overworking myself.
  6. I don't use any protein drinks/supplements nor have I upped the amoiunt of carbs that I'm eating. Immediately after finishing my workout I will wipe my face with a cleansing wipe/makeup wipe and then as soon as I'm home (which usually takes about 20-30 minutes) I shower and cleanse properly-- not too keen on showering at the gym if I'm honest.
  7. Wondering if anyone has ever experienced a larger than usual breakout (I'm talking like 10+ spots in the space of 2-3 days) after introducing quite an intense workout regime into their daily schedule. I've recently joined the gym and have been doing anywhere between 35 minutes to 1 hour of cardio 4/5 times per week. Not 'light' cardio either. Before then I was pretty much only lightly active at best. I'm breaking out mainly around the lower portion of my face in little clusters --- jawline nex
  8. I haven't changed my diet at all. The only thing that has changed recently is the addition of regular exercise and the probiotics. How long do you "stick it out" for before it's more than likely not just an initital reaction/purge....
  9. Hi all, I've suffered from mild-moderate acne since the onset of puberty, but recently the last couple of years it has calmed down significantly in comparison to what it used to be (I am now 18 years old). I now only usually suffer from noticeable small breakouts on the chin/jawline around my menstrual cycle; other than that, I am generally pretty clear (still suffer from uneven skin tone, old red spot marks and stubborn blackheads). However recently, I have found myself on somewhat of a sma