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  1. my skin`s sooooo much better without makeup. i dont gotta worry about even the smallest dirt that comes from makeup hidden inside my pores.. i`ve gone almost 3 weeks now without it, and my skin`s smoother.. fortunately, i switched to blotcha`s clean and clear regime.. it`s seriously effective! i`m on my 3rd night.. look for the message boards and hopefully you`ll be convinced like i was.. NO MAKE UP helps so much, i actually go outside now.. when i go back to my dorm, i`ll start posting pictures.. here`s a link that really got me convinced : http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...p=151122#151122

    rabb1t`s pictures were amazing!

    i also feel that Clean and Clear are products made for teenage skin.. and i know how johnson& johnson, its manufacturer, produces baby products ..

  2. hey blotcha!! what did you use IN the shower.. to wash your face? or did you wake after the shower to wash ur face?

    cause i was thinking of using the purpose soap during the shower just to give a pre-wash and pre-cleanse.. i dont know if that would help at all, or worsen the process..

  3. things are a little better.. i used biore strips [they work very well] on my face.. got some dirt out of the way .. skin`s improving especially since i`ve gone 2 weeks without make up now.. i use neutrogena`s multi-vitamin acne treatment [works great] . it contains b5, which i`ve heard is a useful agent.. then i used the onthespot treatments.. and applied neutrogena moisturizer [so my skin would be washed smoothly in the morning] .. no new hurtful blemishes, which i`m so used to.. the strips were also removed some of "discolored skin", skin that was darker than my usual.. good stuff!

  4. i`ve been on dan`s regime a little over 2 months now.. i`ve seen vast improvement in texture especially.. i`ve been using make - up to complement my regimen usage for those 2 months, until only 10 days ago.. i actually realized that the make-up dirt particles contained the several open pores i have.. anyhow, most of my forehead skin texture has definitely improved without make-up .. it`s smooooooth, as in NO room for open pores. i`ve been using foundation for a consistent 2 years now until 10 days ago.. no new acne formations.. not even slight ones! so you can say that i`m starting this regimen the "regular way", with no make-up and consistency.. i`ve concluded that i am one of those that are not compatible with make - up

    unfortunately, i left my webcam in my dorm room.. soon i`ll include photos to include in this log.

    these logs are incredible. it lets us realize that we`re not alone, and we`re here to help each other out.. with advisors, and even listeners.. thanks to whoever`s listening..

  5. thanks girls for the encouragement! i wish some of you could be in this with me too.. i realized that whenever i wash my make-up covered face, the foundation is not always 100% gone.. many of its traces are buried deep in the pores [ i guess this occurs after washing ur face with hot water, and you still have foundation on it].. most of my several open pores contain nothing but foundation particles.. and after having gone 11 days of no foundation, my forehead skin is smoother [ as in NO room for open pores! ] but i must admit that i need to start working on evening out my skin tone.. i know that the scars that i had prior my usage of dan`s regime are completely gone.. the scars i have now i believe are from the squeezing out of make-up dirt.. and i only use the regimen at night now.. during the day, i let my skin breathe.. in the mornings, i only wash it with purpose soap in the shower.. no blemishes/pimples so far [ i dont want to jinx that ] .. 11 days w/o one new acne formation.. HONESTLY.. i think i`m one of those ppl who aren`t foundation-compatible.. and it took me over 2 years to realize this! this one month vacation is devoted to anticipated change. . i really pray for it.. . i`m tired of pictures that reveal a masked face [esp in dim light] .. i`m tired of ppl staring at my cakey face while talking to them.. i`m tired of BUYING and APPLYING make up.. i`m tired of having to make excuses NOT to attend sleepovers, school retreats [which i really wanted to attend], and outside events under sunlight..

    if the hermits, monks, nuns, can all stand being indoors, then we sure can too. find some indoor activity to do if you`re too shameful to go out with make - up.. and if i do go out, most of the time i bring a hat just in case.. make- up is so tempting.. [that`s why i`m gonna try going for hats that don`t touch my forehead, but still hide the marks i`m shameful of] i spent so much money on foundation for over two years.. now i get the point- it`s not for me.. it`s better to heal the scars than to hide them.. all we need is patience.. think : "it can be worse!" i`m not even going to try mineral-make up, cause what if a mineral particle ends up being stuck in an open pore when i`m in that hot shower again?

    they say it`s better not to put so many different chemicals on your face.. i believe it`s true.. soo far.

  6. when i was in the philippines this summer, i bought 20 bars of papaya equivalent to 20 dollars.. the exchange rates were great..

    only works well once your face is completely cleared.. i used to use it as an "eraser" for scars.. it worked nicely and faded the marks less than 10 days.. however, i wouldn`t suggest it being used while there`s still fresh pimples on your face.. breakouts may occur..

    and since it`s a lightening soap, you should also focus on the rest of your body if you want a proportional skin color.. i`ve gotten remarks on how my face was lighter than my body [esp in the summer]

    - -- just from my experience

  7. so i`ve decided-- after NINETEEN MONTHS of everyday makeup-- to settle for my real skin.. i`ve gone from shiseido, to proactiv makeup, to neutrogena. .. and i`ve been criticized, insulted, and hurt from all these remarks.. . the proactiv regime made my face look shiny, with or without their makeup.. then i`d end up with dirt being stuck inside my pores on windy days, since my skin is so fragile and sensitive.. . the dirt, i`d assume turn into blackheads that i`d try to squeeze out, even if it caused scarring... and after giving up on proactiv [i`ve been on it for over two years] , and began dan`s regime [with makeup] , the results were much more improved.. . however, the make up i was using [neutrogena] still left few traces of "dirt" which became a hassle to pit out.. . soo i`ve gone 10 days today without makeup.. . and my skin feels much healthier.. i also hate how the makeup reflects on portraits [especially those taken at night] .. . i was hurt to see my uglilly masked faced with a group of clear faces.. and it hurt for others to ask what was up with my face... so i guess it`d just benefit me and my finances..

    in addition, i dorm .. our bathrooms are communal. .. i hate going in with a face that appears clear (with makeup) and coming out with visible scars, red marks, etc.. i`d even leave the make up on for the whole night .. but i figured its not worth it..

    three weeks of vacation.. i hope i can go back to school without the use of makeup.. [-(