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    What's Wrong With My Skin?

    You're stilk going to go threw puberty so you'll get acne regardless. My skin was so healthy and soft, then puberty came and it went oily and gross but my acne was never bad. When I was about 16-17 my skin dried out and only last year when I was 18 I went to see a dermatologist and turns out I have adult eczema. My skin is dry, itchy and sometimes flakes. It always gets worse during the winter months or dramatic temperature changes. Plus my acne is worse now then ever! Just try a good moisturi
  2. I'm 19. I eat healthy, rarely have sugar in my diet. I drink around two litres of water daily + 2 cups of green tea. My skin has never been this bad in my life. Not even going through puberty. I don't have cystic acne. But they're clusters of pimples, I would usually get them on my cheeks badly(still do) but now I have then all along my chin it's like a little trail. They're weepy after I squeeze them then they scab. I get about a 5cent peice diameter of redness around the pimple and it make