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  1. Your mother has no right to "control your life" since you're nineteen. Tell the bitch to step off. Jesus.
  2. B5 didn't do shit. Antibiotics are what have cured me. (135mg minocycline per day)

  3. Really now? Because antibiotics are what cured my acne, in conjunction with topicals and diet/lifestyle changes. And I was using both topicals and lifestyle changes (cutting gluten, sugar, dairy, basically anything even potentiall inflammatory) for MONTHS before being put on Solodyn. So, yes, diet/lifestyle changes have helped me to maintain overall health, in addition to allowing the antibiotics to work faster and to keep on working. But if I'd continued using them by themselves, I'd still be
  4. I have. It helped me get through some periods when I otherwise would have spent every available minute in the house. Luckily I don't need it anymore, but for about a year and a half I would slather on tons of make-up each morning just to look presentable. And it did help. Stick to Pure Make-Up for liquid foundation, and Physician's Formula for powder, or you may find as I did that dozens of fresh white-heads crop up everyday BECAUSE of make-up use.
  5. I've switched from CVS's OTS clone. Dan's BP is less irritating and more economical.
  6. Yeah, it doesn't make sense that you'd be rubbing the BP off. Even if it hadn't completely absorbed, then rubbing in the moisturizer on top would help the BP to finish absorbing since it's being rubbed too.
  7. For me the problem was with the blue-bottled moisturizer. The white bottles work fine (though I do wish the packaging was more pronouncedly different, as I unthinkingly will sometimes squirt out BP when I want cleanser, or vice versa).
  8. My moisturizer's pump was snapped off when I received it. I managed to reattach it, but I can't twist the pump to lock it or it snaps back off. Not asking for a refund since it still works fine -- but if this is a persistent problem, then maybe the packaging is flawed?
  9. The reasoning is that gluten is the protein in wheat, and gluten aggravates acne in many people. The only bread I eat is made from brown rice and sweetened with fruit juices. It has a heavy texture, but is really good toasted (and I've grown fond of the non-toasted taste and texture, too). It's sold at Trader Joe's. I can't remember the brand name.
  10. Oddly enough my face looks best right after I've washed it! Feels the best, too.
  11. That sucks, I wanted to smoke a joint with my man for valentine's day. I guess I"ll be skipping the joint. =( Damn acne. Hey but my man doesn't have acne. He's blessed with clear skin.
  12. I think this is the oddest log I've ever read. ) So basically, you put yourself through an Intensive Regimenâ„¢ of making significant dietary changes, but sabotaging yourself every step of the way by gorging on glutenous and sugary foods and, in fact, hoping to break out in grotesque acne as an impetus to cut out sweets for good? And felt manly along the way? Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one. My discipline has been failing me a lot lately. I've reneged even on my six years of being a vegeta
  13. About $80/week at Trader Joe's for me. Fish and fruit are expensive!
  14. My treatment has changed dramatically, and for the better, since I made that post about a month ago. I saw a dermatologist on 6 Feb. She put me on 135mg of Solodyn (time-released minocycline antibiotic), benzoyl peroxide, and Differin .3%. She originally had me using 5.5% BP, but I was not about to pay $50 for a small tube of prescription BP, especially since 2.5% is just as effective (and it's easier to spread, since I can use more of it). Now, two weeks into it, I'm very pleased. The acne on
  15. Don't count on aspirin masks. My frequent use of them left me with skin that looked somewhat okay on the surface, but with tons of acne just under the surface. Also, their anti-inflammatory effect began to seem less and less pronounced; and while there was very little redness to my skin, I would look in a mirror and be shocked at how the imperfections still stood out, and were in fact rather odd-looking.