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  1. Systane eye drops a nd Otrivin Nasal Saline. The saving graces of my life.
  2. YES me too - this 2nd time around is much harder emotionally and seems to drag on much more than the first one.. I just don't think I am as positive this time.. Want to say you're not alone hon and that I hope you are feeling better!
  3. I know that the US is pretty gung-ho with the Ipledge thing but Canada is definitely more 'lax.. and my GP who prescibed it lets me just use BCP! So I think you will be fine!
  4. I'm 4 months sober!! but yeah I didn't drink at all the first course or this course.. just drink a virgin cocktail! Sometimes I feel hungover without the drinking due to accutane.. ugh like this morning!
  5. ~ 13 weeks until i'm done my course. I'm half way through. made it this far - should be the easy half now. should be, yeup! ~ 5 pimples, countless blackheads waiting for lift off and countless marks, marks, marks. damn my asian skin. can't wait till exams are over - need to destress. summer should be good. before it's over i'll be done the course. a month after i think i will celebrate with a piercing. t i m e t i m e t i m e. patience is a virtrue. i will keep waiting. i will be good.
  6. So I haven't been around at all I realize.. a part of it is because I've had a hard time this time around, emotionally. My skin has been tough on me, and well, the best way to deal with it seemed to be to pretend it wasn't happening - this website and all was too much of a reality check. I've felt so ugly, and wished I could hide until my course is done. Sometimes I still feel that way - but I've been working on it. I feel good enough to come here and post at least. My course has gone, well pr
  7. ^ What a coincidence.... I'm another canadian female on yasmin and accutane (but i'm 20). Good luck to all of us.
  8. Ah, acne.org, it's been awhile. My skin has gone haywire lately. Slowly my acne has crept up on me and next thing I know, I can't look myself in the mirror as I wash my hands in the washroom.. "This is a familiar dejavu.. Didn't I feel like this two years ago?" So, I'm back on a second course. The dry hands, lips, and tane burn and all - still doesn't outweigh the horror my face is bringing me now. So now, I'm a 20 year old female, battling this again. I picked up a prescription for 2 mon
  9. So finally i've tried the makeup.. this is my first time using MMU. I must say the application is much easier and less time consuming than liquid. The light matched me pretty well - but I am pretty yellow (c3). The coverage isn't as good as liquid unfortunately but for a lighter look, I like it. Makes you look put together, without being overly done. I felt although it covered red marks well, my scars looked pretty crappy without some sort of primer. With primer it's decent. but liquid i can get
  10. haha apparently my package finally arrived here - it was opened and held at the Canadian boarder for a long time. Anyway, of course it arrives when I'm not at home! I'll be returning home in a few weeks so I'll give it a try then and report back although it seems there is a general consences already.
  11. I wouldn't say visibly distorted.. haha they just seem like normal pores - they aren't invisible of course. Upon very close examination you can see them.. I remember that stage - the stage where all your blackheads are surfacing and your nose is looking so gross! haha I dont think you should worry much - they are probably much smaller than you think. I am excited for all your journies in accutane - it really was the best thing to happen to my skin and I'm glad I found someone who prescribed it
  12. So it's almost 6 weeks post-tane.. I have 2 really small pimples that aren't bothersome right now but I can def. notice the oil coming back. I am not used to having such a skin type anymore after accutane.. lol even though I've had it for 5+ years before accutane. Things are looking good though - people comment on how clear my skin is now and it's nice. I do have to invest in some blotting sheets now.. haha it almost seems foreign to me.
  13. I like the first ones the most. but you should look into some chanel ones as well.