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  1. 10/5/2016 My face is actually getting better! I'm pretty surprise and my room mate was curious what kind of chemical peel I was using. I'm not using any chemical peels! I'll post back in a week with more updates, i'm not sure if my acne is going away temporary or if I can consistently keep it away. Here's what i'm doing in a nut shell: No high GI food and no SOS (Salt Oil and Sugar). Also I avoid brown rice, banana, avocado, and every single nuts and seed. Taking out flaxseed was very helpf
  2. yourbrainrebalanced.com is a good site for No - Fap motivation. Usually I go 2 weeks and then I look at my face and I fap :(.
  3. 9/19/2016 I took AcneScience's advice and switch it up a bit. I cut brown rice completely and added lentils (80%) and black beans (20%) the GL of my food dropped quite a bit. Has it help my skin? Instead of big acne i'm getting smaller minor ones, so I would say it has been pretty helpful. I'm currently getting 202grams worth of protein that's 404% of my daily requirement. I'm kind of scared for my kidney but it has help reduce oiliness on my face. I'm pretty sure the Index of food has an ef
  4. I'm talking about people who take large doses of B5. B complex will also contain biotin which can cause breakouts for some. wtf i didn't know that
  5. What you mean by a bit sticky? I’ll order some of B5 you specific because I tried that B-Complex and didn’t help much. I’m getting tired of trying supplements (my vitamin trial runs) didn’t help me at all. 9/11/16 – Update My acne has improve in these two days but I’m still getting some white heads (1 – 3 ) on my face I’m assuming that’s due to serum production. My goal is still trying to tackle serum production. I’ll give it a week before making major adjustments
  6. Thanks I was thinking about going to a keto diet but trying to avoid any route that causes harm to animals. I rather just leave this earth then having to harm another being. Aside from that I'm going to stop baking soda it's giving me massive headaches and my ache hasn't improved at all. I did do some research into akalaine and added the H - salt. Look forward to your amazing thing Captain Log - 8/10/16: Major skin issues, I was hoping baking soda (I’m stopping) was going to help redu
  7. Captain Log - 8/8/16: FYI do NOT take baking soda within 3 hours of each other even at half a teaspoon I was stuck in 405 traffic with a headache this morning. I also brought some Himalayan Salt to help alkalinized my body. Since i'm not masking my face with Zinc Oxide (overnight), I'm going back to just using water and putting on some AHA. I have like over 10 big acne on my face so I won't even count. Depressing day, going to catch up Daily Show and Mr. Robot to relieve my depression.
  8. Personal log of crazy things that I tired/trying to prevent Acne! Background: Late 20's, acne since 14 Japanese/Korean decent. Goal: Goal like everyone! To get clear skin, I prefer to do it internally vs externally. If there’s something I can adjust in my diet, I rather do that than try crazy external mask. I want to go out side in the real world without thinking about what other people thinks of my face. Diet: Plant base no meat, mainly get my starch from brown rice. Attach my nu
  9. It's hard to alienate the effect of one supplement...
  10. Yeah incase anyone curious I slept on Zinc Oxide for 4 nights straight and acne still came under and it so no dice for me. I'm glad I don't need to wipe my face like crazy to this crap off.
  11. Got all those + that green tea extract and reduce G something didn't help but i'm trying baking soda next so we'll see.
  12. gonna start eating baking soda and see how it goes cause 100$ worth of vitamin daily + joker's mask (Zinc Oxide) isn't helping my acne.