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Pimples everywhere
I wanted to give it one star but ugh I just love how the foundation. I was looking for a new foundation for an event I was going too and bought this one. Ive heard so many good reviews about how good coverage it gives. It did give a wonderful coverage but after I took it off....my face just broke out all over. Little tiny dots all over my chin and jawline. Pimples all over my forehead and cheeks. It was horrible it lasted for a good 2 months until I couldn't take it and went to the doctor.

By UnanimousFowl,

Does the job.
Was actually recommend by my doctor to use the product. My skin started breaking out all over my forehead,cheeks and jawline. It was pretty bad. I started using it and it got rid of most of it . I've been using it now for about a year and it has totally improved my skin. I mean I get pimples still but not as bad as before.

By UnanimousFowl,

Try it..
So I decided to use this product after the lady who did my eyebrows recommended it to me. I guess she saw how bad I was breaking out and told me that it helped with the inflammation. I decided to pick one up at my local drug store and used it that night. I didn't see a big difference the first day but after two or three days my skin got way better. It doesn't totally get rid of all my pimples but it does make it look less gross and less red.

By UnanimousFowl,