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  1. I've been taking 2 or 3 capsules of fish oil for the past year (each has 300mg EPA + DHA), and recently my mom started asking questions regarding the dosage, as the bottle says take only 1-2 capsules per day. I see people everywhere saying we cant overdose on fish oil... you can take as much as you want as long it isn't like 50g per day... but how can we conclude this? has there been any study on the long-term effects of taking fish oil? What about blood thinning? If it is indeed perfectly fin
  2. but rakbs in an earlier post said that the natural vitamin A might have been removed in processed cod liver oil. but rakbs in an earlier post said that the natural vitamin A might have been removed in processed cod liver oil.
  3. How do I know if the vitamin A in my cod liver oil is natural and not synthetic? On my bottle it's written: Vitamin A (as cod liver oil) Vitamin D (as cod liver oil) Also, how much is 1500mcg of Vitamin A converted to i.u.?
  4. Okay this is for my mom. She is 50 years old and her hair is dropping. She's now taking zinc daily, but is there any other supplements which should work for hair loss such as hers?
  5. High intake of zinc (>50mg) should be complemented with 2mg of copper as zinc depletes the copper in your body.
  6. Same thing here! I usually get like 3 or 4 pustules per week, sometimes a big cyst as well, but I've been clear for the last 10 days, and my skin feels a lot better. I only changed 2 things: i) I started using a sunscreen for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago. ii) I started taking 30mg chelated zinc gluconate per day. (sometimes I take 60mg).
  7. When you say "I think sun does help acne", it already basically means you're unsure, so I dont see how you can go on and say rebecca is wrong.
  8. I live in a country which is on the equator line, by that I mean it's sunny all year long 365 days a year. I used to get about 10-20 minutes of DIRECT HOT SUNRAYS everyday, plus all the other times I'm outside or driving where the sun rays don't touch me directly. I'd say I got about almost an hour of sunlight per day. It didn't stop my acne at all.
  9. Hmm, even as a baby/child I always had thin, fine hair. The hair loss could be due to the hair wax I'm using too, trying to cut it out and see.
  10. Hmm I didnt know that. Interesting. I dont really know my 'burn' time, dont plan to find out anyway.
  11. I've been taking fish oil for little over a year and I seem to have less hair now. I've always had thin, fine hair but it looks like it's worse now. I cant be sure if my hair has really become thinner over the year or if it's just my mind making things up. This sucks because I believe fish oil makes my skin less oily. What a dilemma. I think once my current bottle finishes I'll stop it for a month... see if my hair improves.
  12. well according to the pinned thread above,