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  1. I recently got a cyst this past Thursday the size of it is a bit bigger than the size of a pencil eraser. What are my best options to prevent it from damaging my skin (scarring) should I invest in a Kenalog injection? Thanks in advance.
  2. Does a pimple have to be active a certain amout of time to cause scarring? I dont pick at them I just apply tea tree oil and apply alcohol on them only reason I felt they might scar was because everytime I touch them it feels like Im pressing on a bruise could that be because the breakout is right above my jaw bone?
  3. Its only 4 blemishes and I never get acne there it was just some random breakouts I got 3 days ago and 2 of them already dried out I doubt its folliculitis also some of the redness is from the tea tree oil.
  4. If you breakout what treatments will yield the best chance to prevent scarring after the breakouts heal? I recently broke out on my chin, I have 5 active blemishes, and They have been active for 3 days now and I'm worried they might scar after they heal They might not look big on pictures but they are fairly sized and everytime I touch them I get the same feeling as if I was putting pressure on a bruise. The redness was because I been spot treating them with tea tree oil.
  5. I had a pimple about 3 months ago that was somewhat big on my chin and I ended up popping it and it flattened within a week but has left me with HIP and now Im confused and worried since my mouth area is scar free and I want to kee it that way since I deal with scarring on my temple and upper cheeks. Im confused if it is indented or its the pigmentation that is giving it that illusion, I will post a pic although the pic doesnt guve it much justice on the size of it but it will give you an idea
  6. Get exfoliating pads put alcohol on them and rub it on your skin. Purchase the Benzoyl Peroxide from this website(its very good and cheap) and apply that after.
  7. Go to a derm now. Before your acne gets worse and you get acne scars.
  8. I did and I dont see any indentations nor does it feel like it.
  9. I had a decent sized pimple on my chin two weeks ago that came to a head and I ended up popping it, it began to heal next day and eventually decreased in size and went away that same week but now I'm left with a mark and I cant really tell if its a scar or just hyper pigmentation. I'm worried since My mouth area is scar free and I rarely if ever get acne there and the last thing I want is scarring in that area since I deal with it on my cheeks and temples Ive tried to run my finger over it to fe
  10. Damn thats so good to hear thanks, Yeah man I feel you my temples are scarred personally i think thats one of the worst places to get scarred, temples forehead and mouth area are the worst, cheeks arent so much.
  11. As title reads. I have indentedscarring on my temples and cheeks but my chin and mouth area have none so will this pimple scar me? This is probably the biggest pimple I have had to deal with in a minute. It does hurt if I touch it maybe a little soreness