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  1. I took accutane for 4.5 months. My doctor said based on my cumulative dosage, it wasn't safe to take it any longer. I was on a high dosage for my weight. I didn't really clear up until the very end, and so i was worried I my acne would return. I did see a few cystic pimples in the following month or so but it is now almost 4 years later and I remain clear. I can't say you'll have the same experience. I don't think drinking would reduce accutane's effectiveness. It just might be harder on y
  2. I haven't heard any success stories with low dose accutane. However, success rates are very good with high dose. My cysts are completely cleared since my one and only high dose accutane round 3 years ago.
  3. I weighed 65kg and was on 40mg the first month, 60mg the second and 80mg for the remaining 2.5 months. I had reached the cumulative maximum dose so my doctor had me stop early, at 4.5 months total. This was the highest dose I had heard of at that time but I was happy about that because I knew a higher dose means a lesser chance of relapse. That was 3 years ago and I'm still remarkably clear. My skin didn't clear up for four months and then I had a breakout when I came off, so I was worried.
  4. 120 mg! What an insanely high dose and for such a long time! I'm sorry that your doctor was so irresponsible. I believe there is a safe way to take Accutane for those who educate themselves in advance, know the risks, and are overseen by a good healthcare provider. Accutane changed my life for the better. I think the people who remain on this forum are those still searching for a solution, so accutane didn't work for them, but there are a whole lot of us with positive outcomes who were able t
  5. I was really concerned about eye dryness when I took Accutane but it was never an issue. Thank God because my eyesight is terrible and I can't stand glasses so I need to be able to wear my contacts. I can speak to the sebum production, however. My excessive sebum production has still not returned 2.5 years after stopping accutane. I'm not dry, either. I just have normal, comfortable skin. I realize this doesn't help you much, but it might help someone looking for answers specifically on the
  6. Stick it out! Accutane takes a long time! I was clear at about 4 months, but it might just take you longer. You're quite a bit larger than I am, but are taking the same dose I did. Keep the hope!
  7. I went on minocycline for acne worse than yours. It cleared me up nicely but the acne always returned a few months after taking it. Your acne is mild, so maybe it would allow your skin to clear up and reset. I think it's a good idea. I had no side effects.
  8. I had hormonal cystic acne on my back and face. I went on Accutane and have been acne free for over a year. Fortunately, most of my scarring has disappeared and I have great skin now. My only regret with Accutane is that I didn't do it sooner. I try to come on here from time to time because people who achieve clarity often leave the boards for good. Good luck. Accutane just might work for you, too!
  9. Glad to hear. I took Accutane without birth control pills. I don't like what it does to my body and I've been infertile for 7 years. We used condoms and that was enough for my doctor.
  10. You absolutely cannot thread or wax while on Accutane. Your skin is very delicate and the top layer will actually pull off with the wax. I've seen girls with scars. You can shave gently. I'm not sure about bleach.
  11. I used jojoba oil as makeup remover the entire time I was on Accutane and didn't have any issues with makeup application. I think the oil every night kept me balanced moisturized + moisturizer. AND I used pur minerals foundation (a powder).
  12. It's an itchy time! Sorry, just moisturizer. What kind are you using?
  13. A breakout at around one month is very normal. Give it another month of two. You'll be glad you stuck it out. The initial breakout with Accutane can linger.
  14. I had a drink every few weeks on 40/60&80 mg of Accutane with no issues.