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  1. Anthony121989

    Why Does This Happen?

    Hello everyone I have an interesting question is anyone can help me. Every single time I start getting into weight training I break out in pimples. Not bad acne just more pimples. Well I started lofting more and I mean every day that I love I will find 2-5 new pimples on my legs or arms. They are inflamed hair follicles and its not bad but I mean every time I lift weights my skin breaks out more. No change in diet. No protein shakes or dairy so nothing changes but I get pimples on my neck arms l
  2. Anthony121989

    No Moisturizer With Differin?

    Yes Great thank you!
  3. Anthony121989

    No Moisturizer With Differin?

    I don't like to use sunscreen because I have ocd and just never use anything that can irritate my skin and sunscreen always does. I'm never exposed to sun more than s few minutes anyways because I don't like the feeling of the sun on my skin. Sounds weird lol. So would it be OK to just use cerave cleanser and lotion and differin?
  4. Anthony121989

    No Moisturizer With Differin?

    So should I moisturizer at night when I use it or in the morning when I shower? I don't want to have lotion on 24/7 so I have to choose one or the other lol. And if at night should I apply differin then moisturize or moisturize then apply differin? Thanks again
  5. Anthony121989

    No Moisturizer With Differin?

    But my question is should I skip moisturizer until then? I'm afraid that using it will stop the progression of differin? It don't necessarily break me out but I get more clogged pores which I don't want
  6. Hey everyone I got a question about 6 months ago I switch to cerave foaming cleanser and I stopped using moisturizer on my forhead. My pores and skin looks much healthier and not as many clogged pores but I still get acne and clogged pores just not as much. I started differin a few days ago andi am already getting spots on my forhead but I am wondering if I should use the cerave lotion? I used it before and it's clogs my pores but so does everything else in the world. I am only using differin on
  7. Anthony121989

    Ready To Get Help!

    Hey! Thanks so much that means so much to me for you to take the time to write something like that! I definitely know the feeling of hiding because I have been doing it for years. I am about to check out your products you use right now. My problem is being afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I am afraid to make it worse. You are very right about life being about the person not my skin. I just feel so afraid to even look at her because I have only hubgvout with her twice but she wanted to hang
  8. Anthony121989

    Ready To Get Help!

    Thank you so much I will look into getting some of that stuff. I have the acne.org products including the aha should I just try that first or should I keep my current routine and just add differin.
  9. Anthony121989

    Clogged Pores?

    Hey I am not an expert but you have beautiful skin. I just posted a thread saying I need help with clogged pores too because I pick the crap out of my skin. Has the tretinoin helped you at all. I am just like you and I keep reading into things too much and am afraid to try it. My doctor gave me differin but I have not even used it because I am too afraid.
  10. Anthony121989

    Ready To Get Help!

    Thanks a lot I understand nothing is going to make it better now but I am just lost as to what to do to really remove the comedones that keep forming. I am obviously doing something wrong because I am getting them for a reason. Has anyone here tried differin, duac, or anything else like that? Does the stridex really work?
  11. Anthony121989

    Can I Have Some Reassurance? Please

    Hey I'm new but wanted to say just relax and use moisturizer I have obsessive compulsive disorder and I tear up my face. Tonight use honey and you will be shocked at how much it takes away teh redness. Leave it on your face for an hour. But wrap a towel around your neck because it will drop but it will be worth it in a few days.
  12. Anthony121989

    Ready To Get Help!

    Hello everyone I'm sorry for the long post but I am desperate my name is Anthony I am 25. Until I was 17 I had clear along then I got a pimple and I started using products which made it worse then when I was 18 I stopped and my skin cleared up. I used caress bar soap and lubriderm on my face. In 2010 I stopped again and decided to try clinique and it tore my face up and I had 100s of whitheads on my face. I have obsessive compulsive disorder and used to take medication but don't anymore but I st