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  1. Except for a mild initial breakout, I have been almost completely clear for the duration of my accutane treatment. But about 2 weeks ago, I started getting pimples again around my chin (more than even before accutane) and my skin has also been painfully dry. Lips and nose are bleeding more than usual and the sides of my mouth are just awful. The pimples do go away faster (they usually dry up by the next day), but they have been replaced by new ones right after. My skin is still oil free (used t
  2. Thanks Clareo. Yesterday was actually the start of my third week so it does seem like we started around the same time, just with different dosages. I had previously been doing the washcloth exfoliation thing, only before this started. Guess i'd rather do that than have a bunch of holes in my face. I actually have some Jojoba oil that I haven't used for a while so I might try using it again. It never made my face overly oily or anything by itself, but I have to say I am a little reluctant to to
  3. I'm on about day 23 of sortret, taking 40mg/day. Side effects haven't been too bad. Skin was very oily before with lots of blackheads/mild acne. Oil is better now though. I haven't washed my face in 24 hours (skin gets too dry) and there is really no oil at all. So i'm pretty happy. However, the blackheads are still there, and they look terrible. They seem to be pushing themselves out all by themselves, but are doing so very slowly. They are pretty much sticking out and look awful. I could prob
  4. I'm using cliniques moisturizing gel during the day, and it doesn't make your face look greasy at all. it feels pretty good on your skin too. It also doesn't cause any breakouts on me.
  5. I finally got my prescription for Accutane today and my doctor is starting me off at 40mg a day. He also gave me Predisone (30mg for 5 days, 20mg for next 5 days, and finally 10mg for the last 5 days), which I am a little concerned about. Apparently, this is for the initial breakout that I may have. But i've never had cystic acne in my life, do I really need to take this? I've read some of the side effects and it said facial swelling and weight gain can occur. Can this happen for short term use?
  6. Haha, I don't know if that will work. But i'm sure you can find a doctor that will do it for you. My acne is not severe at all, and some people are shocked to hear i'm going on accutane. I've never had a cyst in my life, just occasional small pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads galore. Not to mention I have probably the most oil prone skin i've ever seen in my life.
  7. Thanks everyone =) I had my appointment on Thursday and he said yes! I was actually a little surprised how easy it was to convince him. But he did give me a lot of information and warnings so I feel confident that this is a good thing to do. I basically just told him how the topical stuff wasn't working and just irritated my face. I'm glad he didn't try to force me onto another topical drug like all of the other ones - it was always so discouraging having to put that crap on your face and waiti
  8. I'm a 22 y/o male with mild to moderate acne (not cystic), with severe blackheads, huge pores, and also skin which is EXTREMELY oily and sensitive. This is a major hinderance in my life and affects my different aspects of my life drastically. Okay, so I want to start off by describing my history with this condition and where I am at now. I began getting acne when I was 14 years old. It started off with just regular zits around my nose and cheeks. Over the next few years, I also began developi