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  1. Title says it all. Even if I eat something greasy, as long as I shower within, say, an hour of when I eat, I don't notice any effect of certain foods on my acne. Anyone have a similar experience?
  2. TL;DR—How do you deal with minor setbacks when your on the road to recovery? As in, when your face/back is definitely clearing up long-term but you still get a bad pimple/breakout every once in a while? ____ The last 6 or so months have for me have been very unusual. I started using BP regularly this fall and my face has more or less cleared up since then, but my face was never the real problem: my back and shoulders are my serious problem area with regard to acne. I used to be a skin-
  3. I actually had a double quarter pounder with cheese (lol) from there 5 days ago and was completely worried I would break out over the day after. Didn't happened though and I've actually been getting better and better this week! Ya never know what caused the breakout. And also remember that the same foods don't cause acne for everyone. An interesting experiment: Maybe try eating the same meal in like a month and see something similar happens. Stay confident that you WILL have clear s
  4. I'm having a good day! Finally started using BP and I feel like I'm on a good path right now!
  5. maybe try re-incorporating the things you cut out of diet, one by one, and observe whether your acne comes back. Doing so might help you figure out what exactly it was that was causing you to breakout! either way, I'm glad your skin is looking good!
  6. I have also heard good things about turmeric, though I haven't personally tried it yet. One thing I have tried, which I liked a lot, was M2 High Potency Skin Refresh. It was about $30-ish on Amazon, and I definitely saw results from it quickly! I'd consider looking into getting a bottle if I were you! (And pro-tip if you do end up getting some: apply it before you go to bed—and don't moisturize afterwards like it suggests on the bottle!)
  7. Don't sweat it my man—I'd kill to have my back as clear as yours! As far as advice, the most important thing is to NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER pop it. If I could go back in time two years, you can bet this would be the first thing I'd say to myself. Secondly, try one of those acne body spray things. Neutragena makes one — you can find it on Amazon — which you can spray from any angle. I'd say try that out for a few weeks. Best of luck to you! - H.
  8. I honestly think that we as acne-sufferers really make a much bigger deal out of it than clear-skinned people do. Before my skin became more of a problem, I never paid attention to whether or not someone had acne; it just didn't register with me, and someone would have have had to have severe acne for me to even notice. Nowadays I'm more aware of other people's skin simply because I'm thinking a lot more about my skin now, not that someone having acne/red marks/scars affects whether or not I f
  9. I've definitely felt better, but screw it—I'm going out on the town with friends tonight! I'm not letting red marks make get me down!!!!!
  10. I've seen a few posts on this forum of girls asking whether guys they meet really notice/care about their acne. Well, I can't speak for all guys—but, just personally, I do notice if a girl has acne, but I do not care. ____ I'm a pretty good looking guy, age 21, who still deals with light acne to some extent, but more so light-to-moderate post-acne red marks on my face. Because the red marks have become a sort of obsession of mine, I definitely am paying attention to other people's skin—no
  11. I use Freeman's Acai Purifying Clay Mask after I shave and it has definitely been great at preventing new acne and making my skin glow—but I'm less sure about how it is on existing acne. Hopefully this helps!
  12. haha you were right—it was too late! A whitehead has surfaced. I think I'm going to try to prevent this one from popping on it's own (as might happen as a result of water hitting it too hard when I'm showering, etc.) and hope that the redness when it subsides is less noticable. Face looking pretty good otherwise though!
  13. Hi Hanley, Sounds like your skin is having a reaction to your eye glasses. Just to clarify, does your eye wear have a metal frame? Sweat and metal do not go well with the skin so you may have to go back to your eye doctor and have him recommend a material that is hypo allergenic to your skin to prevent any break outs in the future or you may also use a rimless glasses since it does not have any plastic or metal around the lens but instead uses a thin thread to hold it in it's place. Kind of
  14. Hey everyone! My cheek doesn't breakout often, but when it does a pimple there will leave a red mark for a while. I already have two distinct such marks on my left cheek, and, unfortunately, can feel/see another pimple coming up to the surface in that area... I know it's not going to be particularly big, but it's not like a little chin whitehead that fades within a few days. Anyways, any ideas for how I can stop this thing in it's track/prevent it from leaving me with any discoloration? Re