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  1. Hi there, I have actually used Dr. Day and she is an amazing Dr. You are in good hands. BUT... you will pay a lot of money too as she is based in West Vancouver and has a rich clientelle - therefore her high prices. I can reccomend to you another Dr. that I have used for my last laser treatments and I think he is equally great. He is in Surrey and in a lower rent area and charges less for his procedures. He is honest and ethical. His name is Dr. Shah. If you want his phone number, PM me
  2. Give Dr. Shah a try www.bclaserandskincare.com/about_us/dr_shah.htm As his clinic is not in a high rent area he can offer a more reasonable price! The staff are fantastic and you will truly feel that you get honest, realistic advice on what will work. I am happy with my work I have had done there.
  3. Another happy customer here! I sent away for the sample of the 15% mandelic acit from DY. I saw amazing improvement in just 3 days. My pores closed up and the blackheads dissapeared! I am also using Micro Rentin A every other day. Seem to be working like a charm for me. My skin is very oily in the t-zone. Where it used to get all oily within an hour of me washing my face, I can now go until about 3:00 PM until I need to wash again. Combined with the Bare Minerals Make up and the recent E
  4. Erbium Yag Laser & PSR Portrait B4 & After Pics
  5. I am researching which injectable filler to use for about 6 lingering scars on my face. I have had some resurfacing and had good results but don't want to do anymore. I want a filler that is long lasting as the Restyling route is too expensive and not long lasting. A new product on the market it called Dermadeep and there is also Artecoll, which has been around for awhile. Any advice or comments? Thank you.
  6. Hi, yes, that's what I said. The Dr. decided to do a deeper treatment last minute. Thanks!
  7. Well, the reason I did not go with the Fraxel is because my Dr. does not have a machine. He has every other machine but this one. I am not sure why, but he has said to me that he has decided not to get the Fraxel. Based on this, and the fact that I trust his judgement and that he will do what is best for me based on his equipment we went with the PSR. All his girls in the office have had it done, and although none of them had acne scarring, they had dramatic results with skin thightening, te
  8. Hi All! Optimistic: to answer you question, I had the Erbium yag laser done at the highest leavel I am in Canada and it cost me $1600 for my entire face. I agree, I did have good results - we are always our worst enemies when it comes to opinions of our scarred acne faces! i do hope that my results after the PSR are to my satisfaction. I will post some pics in my photo gallery.
  9. I did the full face, deep Yag. You can see my pictures in the picture forum. I had 50% results for a one time shot,one week recovery and $1600 Canadian later. Now I am recovering from a PSR Erbium for the reduction in my pore size. The yag helped with that, but he PSR should help this futher.
  10. Awesome! How many sessions did you have? Just one injection is all it took!
  11. LionQueen, you sure seem to know your stuff.. I am sure this is due to a lot of expense and trial and error! I have struggled with a lot of oily, clogged pores for my entire life. I also have a bit of a picking problem which adds to the oil. I have tried many expensive products but nothing seems to really do the trick. I just ordered a sample of the Diana Yvonne Mendalic acid. I am not on any retnoids. I am undergoing a psr portrait treatment today. My Dr. told me that it will help with
  12. I just ordered my samples. I have been using the Neutrogena minerals foundation and have liked it but it's not anyting out of this world. I have pretty oily skin so i only ordered for oily skin. I am glad I found this site with the comments on this product because I was just about ready to make a trip to Bellevue, Wa from Vancouver, BC to go and buy the Bare Minerals stuff. I will post back when I get it and try it out.
  13. I had a sillicone injection done about 16 years ago. I was getting married, was just starting accutane and got this huge cyst zit in the middle of my cheek! I got it injected with something to kill it and it sure did that plus create a huge crater scar on my face! I was quiet unhappy about this but another dermotologist injectedi t with scillicone and it never came back. Apparantly, it was injected into some scar tissue so that is why it never went back to a crater. I had not adverse reacti
  14. Well, it was so long ago that I don't remember much! What I do remember is that is was a very positive treatment for me. My skin did get dry, but not too dry. It completely cleared up my acne and when i was done with the accutane I did not get any more cystic acne. However, my oily skin did come back but very slowly. I don't think it took too long for my skin to return to a normal state. I was also in my early 20's at that time and you heal much faster when you are younger. Hope this help