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  1. Thanks BA. Will go through with fillers then. The other point though is that he suggested TCA cross, whereas you guys suggested TCA peels - and considering I have mostly boxcars, I would've thought peels would be better for me. Do you think cross would work for my scars as he's suggested?
  2. Hi guys Sorry for posting a bit in recent times, I just need a last word of advice now before I go ahead with procedures for my scarring, so this will hopefully be my last post until skin updates in the coming months. I recently posted on here asking for advice on what I should do for my scars. Two of you experienced members suggested I look into TCA peels and the derminator to help with my scarring, also suggesting fillers would NOT be worth it, as my scars are too shallow. I then w
  3. Hi all, I am seriously going insane at my scars. I hate them so much and they're taking over my life. I performed a contour resurfacing procedure last December which probably resulted in 10-15% improvement, a lot less than I originally thought it had brought me. I just need help guys, this is a serious reach out. I've attached plenty of photos to this post and would really appreciate if you guys could answer these few questions: 1. What type of scars do I have? Keep in mind my left side s
  4. Hi everyone How long should one wait post accutane to consider subcision treatments? I've read many different things on threads within this website, with some people saying to wait 6 months, others 12 months, and others saying it can be done within a couple of months post accutane - with only energy devices (such as lasers) being the thing you have to avoid for a 6+ months post accutane. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  5. Honestly, he told me, but I wasn't very attentive on the names of laser(s), just the process and results (I trusted he would choose the best laser for me). The link below explains the procedure and aftercare etc. They just call it the "contours laser beam" in this. http://urepublic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Contour-Resurfacing.pdf
  6. Hi all! I struggled with severe acne for a couple of years and was a big picker (honestly, don't do it guys, I can tell you first hand you'll regret it so much). After clearing my acne (I am starting to get a few pimples back as you'll see in the photos, but nothing like what it was) through an accutane course of roughly 7-8 months, I was left with some pretty decent scarring on my face, which has really dented my confidence. Thus, I decided to see a cosmetic dermatologist by the name of Dr Ad
  7. How's it all going? Should post some pics with your next update!
  8. Thanks for all your responses guys, appreciate it a lot. What type of scarring would you say I have? Bare in mind that in the first photo that big dip in my face is my natural cheekbone positioning and not acne scarring.
  9. I've actually stumbled across him before and he seems to have the best before and after shots of anyone I've seen in Australia. Unfortunately I'm from NSW so it's a bit hard for me to get there. Do you happen to know anyone in NSW that gets quite good results?
  10. yeah look, I understand acne scars aren't easy to improve, but I could show you multiple cases off this website alone where I've seen at least 50-60% improvement in scars, and what looks like 70-80% in a few. I suppose it all depends on your types of scars, your skin, and the doctors/treatments you go with. Do do you think you'll see much more improvement from your 25%? Thanks very much much for your reply though, you seem to be quite knowledged in the area so I appreciate your opinion. a
  11. Will do, thanks man! Be positive! Not many have completely cleared their scars but I've seen many posts with significant improvement, and as time goes on treatments will only get better More responses would be greatly appreciated guys
  12. Hi guys I have stuggled with acne on and off fora good 4-5 years now. During the early-mid stages of my acne, I was a bit of an acne picker, as I was young and carefree about any future scars I could get as long as I got rid of the acne I had at the time. The acne was predominately on the left side of my face during this phase of picking, so I've been left with a rough looking left cheek. Anyway, acne wise things are looking up from where they were six months ago - I'm currently in the end of
  13. Yeah, I feel like that's what's going to happen to me, they'll eventually leave but leave two dark red marks behind... They're so bloody stubborn. Thanks for your response
  14. Hi everyone I have suffered from from persistently bad acne for over a year and decided to bite the bullet and get a prescription for accutane in mid September. I am now around 3 and a 1/2 months into my course and have seen significant improvement. However, on the right side of my face I have two pimples that have shown little improvement since the beginning of my course. They stand out over every other pimple I have on my face as they are quite red, and have never come to a head.