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  1. My mom's doctor prescribed Hydroquinone USP 4% skin bleaching cream for her Rosacea. The brand name is Perrigo, and it is prescription only cream. I am 38 year old Brown skinned male (East Indian) and have hyperpigmentation on some areas of my face. My Hyperpigmentation problems arose about 11 years after a somewhat botched Doctor/Aesthetician procedure. I have been using my Mom's cream on my Hyperpigmented areas for a week now , and the direction on the box say to apply twice daily f
  2. C'est la Vigne Are Retinoids prescription only? If Retinoids are available over the counter, I am assuming they are they less potent than Rx ones?
  3. Do you mean never ever use AHA or not to use AHA only while getting lazer treatment? I forgot to mention in my original post, that the lazer treatment I am planning on getting is for facial hair removal. To QuirkyPixy What does Copper Peptide Serum do?
  4. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100408/hl_nm/us_wounds_printer
  5. Hi What are side effects and safety concerns about Retinoids? Can they be used along with Dan's AHA? I also have the below thread on the use of Retinoids in between lazer treatment. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Retinoids...er-t264771.html Thanks
  6. Hi For those of you who have undergone lazer treatment, did you'll stop using AHA or Retinoids ? Is it safe to use AHA or Retinoids in between lazer treatments? I am wanting to go for lazer removal but I also want to remove red spots,scars and other skin imperfections. So I am trying to get as much input as possible on the safety aspect of using something like Dan's AHA or Retinoids in between lazer treatments. Ofcourse I will ask the advice of the Dermatologist also but just want to hear f
  7. Hello c'est la vigne I am going to go in for facial lazer hair removal and electrolysis soon. Can I use Dan's AHA in between the lazer treatments, which are like 4 weeks apart? I read in the FAQs that sunblock should be used when using Dan's AHA, so thats why I ask. How long does it take for the skin to normalize after stopping use of Dan's AHA? I wondering if it is ok to stop using the AHA a certain number of days before my lazer treatment then start it using it again after the lazer treat
  8. What are the side effects of using a Retinoid? Does it cause an increase in pimples/zits/acne? I do not have Acne or zits and rarely get them. Also I am planning on going in for lazer hair removal and electrolysis on my face, above my beard line. Will I need to stop Retinoids if I am going for lazer or can I use retinoids in between lazer treatments? I think the treatment are 4 weeks apart. If I can use Retinoids then how many days before a lazer treatment should I stop using it? Thanks all
  9. Hi I am considering getting Dan's AHA. I want to hasten the shedding of my facial skin , i.e. speed up the natural exfoliation process. I have dark skin (type 5) which is sensitive and scars easily. I am concerned on how gentle or strong Dan's AHA is. Has anyone here with dark skin used the product? Anyone seen any hyper pigmentation, scarring or reddness from the product? I don't have acne, so the product is for exfoliation/shedding. I read the AHA faqs . Do I need to use any other produc
  10. Hi I am looking for products that will hasten the shedding of facial skin and products that will speed up the formation of new skin. In essence I am looking for skin exfoliants, that are applied topically but would also consider orally taken pills/liquids. I am hoping to find something that I can see is working by seeing old skin falling off in pieces. I prefer a cream that I can just apply before going to bed rather than scrubs because scrubs might be too irritating and cause redness though
  11. Hello, I am male. 6.5 years ago I went for MicroDermabrasion and about a month after went for electrolysis, on my face. Shorty later I had: * new hairs sprout above my beard line that were same thickness as beard hairs * finer black hairs sprout above bead line around eye socket , to the sides of the eyes and on cheeks. * white short hard to see hairs, Peach fuzz. So my question is , did electrolysis initiate the new hair growth or was it MicroDermarbasion. I don't think it was age/hormonal
  12. SweetSleep I got a question. On another forum (Cosmetic enhancement forum), I read that using laser on areas where the hairs are few and far between and is not coarse and dense would actually stimulate new hair growth in these areas which previously had no thick hairs or any hairs at all. That laser is only to be used on areas where there are lots of hairs/dense areas and on coarse hair. When you got the laser treatment on your face, was the laser ever used on areas where hair was few and far
  13. Hello I went to the Candela website , they have a section where you can find Derms/Practitioners near you who have the Laser. I am rather ambivalent of just going to any ole doctor or Aestheticians due to a past screw-up that caused all the problems I have. So I was looking online to see if this one Doctor who I went to to fix my problems would have the GentleYag. He has the GentleMax which according to the Candela website combines the best of the GentleLase and the GentleYag. I like th
  14. Hello I am Male early 30s, of E.Indian descent. I got dark brown skin. This is for the face. What is the safest / most effective / most widely used hair removal Laser for Dark Skin? I got 1 response in the General Acne subforum that it is the Candela GentleYag Lazer. Would love to hear from folks with Dark skin who have tried Laser removal and or used the above mentioned Laser . I need to remove Black normal thickness bear hairs, Black think facial hairs and Peach Fuzz/White facial hairs. I
  15. Hi I'll make a thread in the cosmetics board about the Hair Removal. I was innitially thinking the Light/Lazer forum but thats only ACNE so I'll stick with your suggestion. I didn't see a Lounge subforum.