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  1. I'm on my last week of accutane currently, after starting October 2006! This is the end of my 5th month. I'm amazed how well the Accutane worked. For those of you who are skeptical, just hang in there. I was pretty bad up until the 4th month. From the 4th month, all the way to the 5th, I've been 100% clear on my face. I still have some acne on my back, but it's about 5% as bad as it originally was. I had wanted to go for a sixth month to see if my back would clear more, but my doctor won'
  2. I've noticed that since being on Accutane that it actually takes FAR FEWER drinks to actually become buzzed. My liver tests have all come back great, although I drink only occasionally.
  3. I know we've had the discussion of tane burn, but, is tane burn the same thing as Rosacea caused by Accutane? The reason I ask is because my skin isn't red all the time, it kind of depends on many factors, such as if I'm tired, if I just took a shower, if I'm stressed out, etc. Isn't tane burn more like a dry, red skin? Mine is more like I'm blushign REALLY bad sometimes, and my face gets really hot as well like I have a fever, but I don't. People ask me all the time if I have the flu or som
  4. for the first month or so I stopped sweating too, even when running. I now sweat just like any other person.
  5. I know that alcohol isn't a great idea while on Accutane, but for me this'll basically be one of the few times I will drink while being on accutane. I drank only once before and was very surprised when I got pretty buzzed off of just two Coronas! it usually takes quite a bit to get me buzzed. My question is if a person's BAC will be higher with the same drinks whil on accutane, than when not on Accutane? Is there more alcohol in the blood, or does the alcohol just effect you more? I'm guess
  6. He didn't doa throat culture or anything which I thought was kind of wierd. I guess he figures he'll know if it's a virus if it doesn't clear after the course of the antibiotics.
  7. Guilty here too. I think I do it because the white scabby part looks more noticable than what's beneath it. (atleast I think so.) The dried chunk seems to feel pretty good when it's being taken off your face. lol.
  8. Before being on accutane I had never had a sinus infection that I know of. Now, since starting, I've had three of them. (in a three month period.) Late October I developed a bad sore throat. Fast forward to this week and I still have the bad sore throat, but it's not lower in my throat like it used to be, it's now in my upper throat, and on both sides of my tongue. My throat now hurts even chewing food, or moving my tongue. It's never been like that before! It's just getting hard to even
  9. I 100% agree with labgirl. Don't take anymore accutane until you can get to the derm/hospital. You don't want to cause liver damage if the accutane is causing a problem for you. (yellowing of the skin and other soft tissues is a sign of jaundice.) Like she said, check your eyes and see if they have turned a color other than white.
  10. the drying of the nasal passages make your body more prone to sinus infections. I've never had one before taking Accutane, and I"ve had TWO sinus infections since starting. For me they always start off with a really bad sore throat then it moves up into my sinuses. It's some nasty stuff.
  11. I look like I'm perminently embarassed right now. hah. Anything that even remotely embarasses me, even the slightest bit, makes me turn into a tomato. It's gotten a lot worse since starting Accutane. My face is always red to some degree now and blotchy looking.
  12. I don't think yellowing of the teeth is ever perminent. Minocycline caused my teeth to darken, but even that wasn't perminent.
  13. I've never noticed any smell either. What MG doses are you guys taking that can smell it?