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  1. my skin is pretty good except for alot of red marks on my right cheek. That is where I mostly broke out on when I first started the accutane. I havent seen the derm yet, but their office told me that they would do whatever the internist said. Before accutane I would get maybe 1-3 cysts that took awhile to go down, when I started the 'tane, I broke out quite a bit all at once... now I have a bunch of red marks. I am hoping that maybe some of the stonger glycolic washes will help me at thi
  2. Hi, I started Accutane 12/8/03 and am now being told to stop taking it by my internist. I now have hypertension, adult onset asthma, and my liver enzymes are up as well as my lipids.... I am curious as to whether the accutane could have caused these things (hypertension and asthma)? I am not happy about it since I am only half way through the treatment... dont know if i have taken it long enough. The husband thinks I have since my skin wasnt too bad to begin with......I have 40 pills left th
  3. I am not asian, but half hispanic. I just ordered bare escentuals makeup and hope it matches up well. It is made out of pure minerals, that are supposed to "morph" into your own color, and since it has no additives, binders and such it is supposed to be reqally good for problem skin...check out bareminerals.com and see what you think. I hope it works out well forme
  4. Hi, just a thought about that exfoliating scrub... It might be too rough on your skin. You could try exfoliating with baking soda mixed in with your regular face soap... it's gentler, and gets those flakes off
  5. I havent had that problem, but you should definitely put a call in to your Derm ASAP. Stop taking the accutane for a couple of days to see if you feel any better- it will still be in your system for awhile anyway, but you wont be adding more meds to you body. Maybe all you need is a smaller dose..... Please call your Doctor, if it is the intercranial pressure thing it really isnt worth possibly dying from that.
  6. Hi monty, If you are on accutane, you might check that the lotion in the link does NOT have alpha hydroxy acids in it... By the name of it , it sounds like it might have it. If you want Aloe you can get pure aloe gel at any drug store pretty inexpensivly. I used it a few times to help heal this wicked cyst that kept draining. it really helped I like Dove moisturizer, neutrogena and Oil of Olay. Cetaohil is too heavy and has a greasy feel to it
  7. 30.00 each time I see the specialist. its 25.00 for regular doc visits.
  8. the side effects can be many and can affect almost any body system. Usually the most common side effects are dry hair, mouth, eyes, skin, upset stomach, muscle, joint and back pain. I wouldnt recommend using this as a first course of action if it is only mild acne. It is meant for nodular acne. You might see about trying some other treatments first such as topicals ( there are some really good ones out there by prescription) and antibiotics. Just my opinion.
  9. HI, I have been on Accutane now for almost a month. Had a major cystic break out at week 2, have only had a few more regular pimples and no cysts since that breakout and seem to be clearing up. Just wondering what others have experienced as far as the breakouts go.
  10. how bad is your acne and what results have you had with those meds?
  11. http://www.rocheusa.com/products/accutane/pi.pdf this is the product information page put out by roche the manufacturer page 22 will give the dosing per body weight
  12. i HAVE READ THAT THE SKIN CAN COntinue to improve up to 12 months after the treatment
  13. I was checking out my cost for the med. I take 40 mg tablets and require 45 per month. I pay 114.15 and insurance paid 330.35 My costs seem more expensive than others are quoting.
  14. I thought that baldness comes genetically from the mothers side of the family and not the fathers. If I am right, then perhaps you have nothing to worry about.