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  1. Just a couple of days ago, I finished my second round of silicon microdroplet injection.

    I did it in a cosmotic dermatologist in NYC. I was impressed with the results of my first session and decided to go for the second round two months later.

    The dermatologist went over every tiny depressed area and injected it with a microdroplets of silicon. It should induce collagen formation and build up the depressed area with a net result of smoothening and resurfacing. I appreciated a great effect of my first session and now waiting for the result of the second session, which usually appear after 3-6 weeks. I may decide to go for a third and may a fourth session until I feel satisfied with the results. If the improvement continues, I anticipate more than 70%-80% improvement. Some depressed areas almost gone after the first session. On the top of this, the fees that my dermatologist charges are very reasonable (300$) for each session.

  2. I had exactly the same scars on the same location!!

    As my dermatologist explained to me, the skin on the temple is much thinner than that on the cheeks or forehead. The only way I managed to remove these scar is by permanent filler injection (silicon microdroplet technique). Thanks for the one who posted it.