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  1. oll2k

    2 years after accutane!

    before and after!
  2. I know the feeling!. I gave up college, work and everything cos my face has became something you dont even see in a horror movie. And basically i couldnt handle putting on a false smile like everything is fantasitc, and socialising with people who's eyes tend to drift from your eyes to your acne. But that just depends how bad it is, and if you can slog it out for another 5 months. When it really got to me at work/college ect, i wasnt on accutane and it felt like i wasnt ever going to get closure
  3. How can you see his skin??? By looking at the picture in the link :dance:
  4. not alot really!!! , especially when so called professionals i.e Dr's tell you its going to be alrite, and that theese ''medications'' are going to work. You get excited over just having a face like the millions of people who dont have a spec of acne. Then your dream gets ruined, and i think there is only so many times you can get let down and hope and pray that one day you will be clear. You sit at home and get f *ked off when a clearisil advert comes on and the 2 people on the advert have got
  5. OMG what acne!, do you know i would kill for skin like yours, you should count your self lucky rather than worrying about 2 red dots lol
  6. oll2k

    1 month

    28 days
  7. If its clear you got nothing to worry about!
  8. It took me 9 months with my GP prescribing me anti biotics and all sorts of creams. Then i was referred to a dermatologst on the NHS and had to wait 2 months untill after christmas, which turned out to be a waste of time because he gave me another topical cream that made my situation worse. I then went back down to my GP and made it quite clear to him that its taken me almost a year of treatment which is making it worse everything new i try, ''why cant i just have accutane''!. He then referred
  9. Hi, im on 40mg a day and its been 3 weeks so far and the dryness is not bad at all. I had really greesy skin before and i wondered . . . Is not moisturizing during Accutane a bad thing? Does acne clear up quicker if you dont moisturize on Accutane? If you had really greesy skin before does it not go as dry? or does it get dryer as the course goes on? Thankyou
  10. oll2k

    Week 2

    14 days of AC
  11. oll2k


    1 week
  12. wow that basically sums up all my feelings in the past 2 years before getting accutane 5 days ago. The other thing is on the days i do come out of being a recluse indoors, after cancelling going out with your friends like you mentioned, is it feels like im in this world as the only person with acne, and when i first started out with just a few spots, i could never put my finger on it, but basically is because us poor sufferers are couped up indoors praying for the day that they will piss off, or
  13. oh thanks for the info, i have had a gp refferal to see a derm in two weeks and im really hoping for roaccutane so im asking loads of people how they got it! luckily my mum isnt too clued up about roaccutane (i didnt know it existed till about 2 months ago) and im 18 so i suppose its my desicion, providing the derm will give me the option good luck, fingers crossed your journey is a smooth one and clear skin is just around the corner! yay!