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    music, and havin a laugh..oh yeah and tryin to get rid of acne! lol
  1. hey, i use clinique and its actually helped my skin a fair bit, its not as red as it used to be and i can control my acne alot better now, well not sure if its the clinique or just me growing out of it...i use the three step( to a certin extent) but i change the products to suit my skin..i use the cream clensear ( which is really good never leaves me oily) or the foam wash, i use a toner but its not clinique and then i use their oil free moisturiser( best one ive used)... u dont need 2 use the p
  2. i know alot has been asked about the vinegar method and i have done alot of searching about it becasue it sounds promising! but one more things that i want to find out is does it help with oil control? i know it can be used as a tonner, my skin gets quite oily and if it were to help with the oil it would be great thanks for any responses
  3. hey guys..ive been visiting the boards for a while..but scar treatments was always the one i tended not to open because then i was too busy thinking about how to get rid of active acne..well now thats over (when i say over i mean under control with bp) u would think i would be happy..well i always thought i would be, a while ago if someone would have said that in a few months from now i would only have one or two active spots i would have been soo happy...but now that this is the case im far fro
  4. im thinkin about starting b5 but right now im on birth control..does anyone know if it interferes how the b/c pill works?
  5. ur skin looks so good..and ur hot too...i'm thinking about taking b5, heard lots of good things about it. ive just got acne on my forehead and its mild/moderate, mostly little white heads or red bumps. do u think b5 would work well for this type of acne..thanks
  6. im on dianette the now..which i think is the same thing, i just wanted to ask vanessa, when u stopped dianette did u break out? ive heard in some post tht when people stopped taking it, their acne came back worse than before. just wanted to know ur experience with it..thanks
  7. i get that sometimes...my neck will jst start itching n get blotchy, its more like a reaction to something rather than acne, sometimes i get it at the side of my chin too..i usually jst put moisturizer on it and leave it alone and it goes away
  8. planb - im glad sumone else feels it..usually they dont itch, altho sometimes the do but i think thats cause im sweating aswell..its so annoyig the more i think about tryin to calm down n make them go away the longer they seem to stay for. it used to be jst my chest that would go blotchy..but now my cheeks and nose go really red sometimes i can feel it burning, lol, i thought it might be because of bp but that wouldnt explain the blotches on my chest because i've never used it there..does this
  9. i understand totally, when i was at school ( last year) i would sometimes just randomly get really hot and start sweating..i even get it now, usually when i get it tho i go really red, like i come out in mad red patches on my face and chest ..it might be a social thing for me, usually i get it if i'm nervous or in an awkward position, never the less it's really frustrating because i feel like it is totally out of my control
  10. i know, it's nice to put something refreshing on ur skin for a change. im glad i came across this post..thanks for posting!!
  11. well its been almost a week since my last post..came off the regimen ( i know i should have stuck it out) 2.5% was not drying enought for my skin and was making me oily and red. Anyway i know if i'd have stuck it out things would have improved but i've changed things a bit to suit my skin. Use 10% bp in the morning, sometimes every 2nd morning depending on how my skin reacts..then at night i just wash with simple soap and put aloe vera gel on my face( feels really nice on my skin) i decided to
  12. dont know if it is too early to say, bought some yesterday from asda, dnt think its 100% but i looked at the ingredients and it doesnt have a whole bunch of junk in it. Anyway it was really moisturizing without making my skin greasy and it absorbs in soo quickly. fingers crossed, seems to be doing the job, today my friend actually commented on how nice my skin looked ( trust me i dont get that very often!!) i dont wanna get my hopes up ..hope its goin well for everyone else
  13. thanks for replying. hopefully i can get some today. Im really glad its working 4 u! hopefully it will calm my redness down aswell, and my skin will probably be glad of abreak from all tht harsh stuff i usually put on it! lol. hope u keep up the good progress
  14. this sounds really promosing..my skin is quite red at times and looks patchy so even when my skin clears up abit my overall skin texture is crap! even having only 2 zits on my forehead(when im very lucky!!) looks bad because my skin is so blotchy. Im gonna go try to buy some aloe vera tomo (hopefully safeway or sumwhere like that will have some) do you guys think this would help with the problem i've just described? oh yeh also..can u use it as a moisturizer?