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  1. So if we follow this, ketosis diet might solve the problem right ? Since the brain wont ask for glucose but cétones ?
  2. Hey Grizou ! French isnt-it ? I'm in the same situation, we can exchange per mail if you want [email protected] I do myself combine low accutane and vit B5.
  3. Hey MyBody, you seem to have a very strong knowledge about how the oily skin works and how it can be cured or at least handle. May i get your opinion on this ? If i get drunk (in a party for example), the next morning my skin is not oily at all ! I have noticed this every time and i cant see how it is possible ! How can you explain that ?
  4. Hey Jofo ! Your blog is awesome ! How are you going now ? I see you didnt test B5 ? I'm currently on accutane low dose for 3 years.... Did you find anything ? Cheers !
  5. Both of you, a huge thank for your awesome feedback and share of advices. If anyone could be like you, i'm pretty sure we would have found the cure for a long time ! As for me, i'm taking accutane 5mg a day for 3 years now... My skin is OK except for my nose which is still a little oily and need blotting every 4 hours. The real problem is side effects : my skin is becoming more and more sensitive, more and more thin, that's why i want to stop. MyBody101, i'm amazed by your post, because it's
  6. Hi ! Great news, can you tell us what model you use ?
  7. Very good post, a lot of common sense. A huge thanks. One small question: when you talk about green tea, how do you apply it locally? A tea bag wet on the face?
  8. I did bloodtest and everything was fine. Yeah, sadly i have a very white skin so very sensitive to redness. I had basically no acne but some black dots, and an incredibly oily skin. So yeah, accutane really changed my life, but it's pretty sad to kill your girlfriend a certain way because you dont want a rednose while 12 hours after the kisses ;(
  9. I'm doing 10mg a day for 2 years now. Yeah, the oil is gone and it's a life changer. BUT, there are drawbacks : Skin is a lot more sensitive and thin (redness more easily), lips always very dry and i'm sweating a lot more easily. I'm considering doing 10mg every other day and take B5 as a complement. Sorry for my English btw.
  10. Sorry to hear about your virus. So you wont take the B5 anymore and you are confident about your level of oil ? It means your diet and healthy life style is enough to control your sebum now ? Happy New year ! Wish you all the clearest skin
  11. Any update to this awesome post ?
  12. Hello everyone, First of all, sorry for my broken English, that is not my main language. I just wanted to share my testimony because I know what it is to have a very bad skin and suffer daily. My post will be simple and short. For 5 years, I had extremely oily skin throughout the T zone. And when I say extremely, my skin shined horribly 30 minutes after washing my face. I was 28, and no more acne. Just a very very oily skin, some redness, blackheads and enlarged pores. I was living very poo
  13. Awesome post man. Did you think about reducing your dose of B5 ? Dont you think it's the B5 which is doing all the job ? As you said, it worked for you before. Since how many time you do this regimen and keep it working ? By the way, thx a lot for your report. (sorry english not my main language)
  14. It seems like enlarged pores to me but boy do not care about that it's almost invisible.