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  1. TBH you are EXTREMELY lucky to have Lim right there. If i lived nearby I would be at his door tomorrow regardless of price.
  2. Check out Shanthala MD in peabody. After like 20 phone calls they seemed like the best bet IMO. Cheap subcision and it seems like they actually care about you there. They made it very clear that they are honest about all treatments and won't perform anything they are uncomfortable with. This is coming from a guy who was dead set on only seeing Novick in NYC. Once I take care of my irl stuff I'll definitely be giving them a whirl. IMO if you need something like subcision +filler I'd chec
  3. @Thebean Yea slow and steady is definitely the way to go here. That being said I think the RF microneedling treatments add onto each other so I think maybe 1.5 - 3 months should be the timeframe for your second treatment. I've read a few places that the RF treatments sort of snowball each other. I know you hear 3 months constantly for treatments but I think that's to let the skin/collogan remodelling fully take place. I think the RF might be different where you are actually looking to have
  4. TBH your skin is near flawless. I would maybe TCA cross the few icepicks but that would be about it.
  5. @beautifulambition Is there a decent tutorial on the TCA Paint method? Is it even something safe to do at home like tca cross? I feel like it's pretty knew but I'd love to know as I have a few smaller boxcar scars. Is there actually a set of directions like tca cross or is it still something new that only a few doctors like lim and rullan have experimented with?
  6. @amp2695 TBH I have no experience either way but nokor personally scares me a bit. I'd rather have to go back for more cannula subcisions than risk hitting an artery or something, especially since most of my scarring is on my temples. The fact that nokor destroys everything in its path gives me goosebumps a bit. I'm sure in the right hands it's great but I just feel safer with cannula. Just my two cents.
  7. @49ersFan If you're boston area you can get cannula subcision done pretty cheaply with https://shanthalamd.com/. She seems honest and reliable. IIRC I think they said subcision was only like 300$ or something. She also does TCA cross. Might be worth checking out. Once I get my damn acne cleared up I'm going to go for a few rounds of cannula subcision + filler spaced some time apart.
  8. @machiavelli I appreciate this a lot. Definitely extremely informative. I just bought the silicon sheets and the castor oil but it doesn't hurt to just keep them on my shelf regardless. As of now I'll roll with the vaseline for at least a week and see where I stand. I have the vitamin C but I may have to rebuy as it's a year or two old. I also just checked out retin a creams and it seems like they have loads of positive reviews.
  9. This is what I found. Do you think these would work well or should I try something different? Silicone patches https://www.amazon.com/ScarAway-Professional-Silicone-Treatment-Packaging/dp/B001AJ4L1E/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1530419128&sr=1-4&keywords=silicone%2Bfor%2Bscars&th=1 Castor oil https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0186U9736/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AVQDBMRIHUZ4S&psc=1 @Sirius Lee I found castor oil +Silicone patches but wasn't really sure a
  10. Do you think straight up Vaseline would work or should I order some castor oil from amazon? Any bran silica that works well? Also what do you think of comfrey balm? Thank you once again.
  11. Basically I had an average sized pimple that completely dried out and ended up turning into a big scab. About half of the scab has fallen off and I can see there is a surface pit there that is still pretty raw. Does the rawness mean that the skin is still forming? Is there a chance the pit will still fill in a bit without intervention? Is there a good treatment for fresh scars that can help fill in the pits at all? Thanks. I will upload a picture at some point.
  12. From derminator? I'd say impossible. @siriuslee @beautifulambition or anyone else what are your thoughts?
  13. Derminator will give you very little results. It will improve texture/maybe give you (10%?) results after a year. You need subcision + filler as your first step and you will see great results imo.
  14. @user54321 Would also love to know where you went!. Also what was the pricing for subcision + filler if you don't mind me asking? Would appreciate it a lot as I'd definitely be interested in a vacation to korea.