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  1. Mass guy here. Have considered using her for years. Basically one of the only in the area I felt comfortable with. I TRULY believe she does her research. I know she is a heavy follower of Dr weiner and that she is constantly following the best procedures. That being said I think the past few years has spiked the amount of doctors who will perform subcision so there may be other options around the area. As far as i'm aware she does not do that many acne scar patients compared to doctors
  2. Looks like a few of your scars are the ideal candidate for tca cross.
  3. TBH Obiwan really knew his shit. Had to have been a doctor or some sort imo. My gut always told me obiwan was Lim. Who knows though.
  4. @Sirius Lee Do you know anything about Davin Lim's paint technique? As far as i'm aware he uses low% on wider icepicks/ smaller boxcar scars? I have a few scars that are slightly wider than an icepick (think small chicken pox). After watching Lim's videos he makes it pretty apparent that he uses tca even on boxcar scars with good results. Is paint technique just lower % on a few passes? I never really understood the difference between like 2 passes at 30% versus
  5. Bruhh save up and go see rullan. No questions asked. I would kill to live near him tbh. Budget for 3 rounds of treatments at least. What's that like 5k? Worst case scenario is you don't see him and you have money saved up. No questions asked stop what you are doing and save up for treatments.
  6. @Sirius Lee Do you think I could try the same method with boxcar scars? Was thinking about stretching and sort of zapping the very base of the boxcars with 50%.
  7. I would say nicotine is definitely mildly detrimental. That being said I think vaping is 95% better for your health than tobacco products. As a long time tobacco user vaping has definitely saved a lot of my health. If it is keeping you sane and off of drugs, alcohol etc, then it definitely has it's place. Only two things I use are my vape and coffee. I would say vaping has definitely lead to some of my scars but i think about it that I would be a lot worse off if I were still usi
  8. I've followed lim quite a bit. He is convinced most work can be done with subcision and TCA. Still to this day I don't understand how he does TCA paint but he seems to always get good results with it. If there was a set in stone method for paint I would have already tried it. IMO i have some very similar scars to yours. The first thing I plan on doing at home when I grow the balls is start messing with TCA in lower %. Obviously this is a DO AT YOUR OWN RISK but from what i've seen th
  9. @Sirius Lee Agreed 100%. It is a completely shallow way of looking at things. On the other hand it's a sad reality about the world we live in. I feel like it's a game that everyone is playing in. I also agree about doing your best to make a difference in the world. These are all good things. I'm just speaking from experience about what has worked for me and kept me out of therapy.
  10. My personal opinion is that I don't see how therapy could help me as a male in my situation. I'm sure for others it has worked but personally I don't see it as a fix for myself. As blunt as it sounds our bodies are biologically designed to reproduce. If women do not find me attractive there is no way that therapy will be able to fix the underlying issue. I am not trying to be negative or shallow but I will give you a brief rundown of what has worked for me my confidence. Hit
  11. Super curious to see how your skin is after it goes back to normal. Going to pull the trick on a trip to rullan sometime within the next 4-5 months. If what I am seeing is the actual final result I would say you got a lot more than 20%.
  12. Appreciate the reply a lot. Makes me feel a lot better about the situation. The lady I spoke with seems very good with the anatomy of the face. She gave me confidence when she told me that she will explain any risks prior and will not do any areas that carry significant risk. Do you think the temple scars look like boxcar scars? I'm not sure if I should try some tca paint at low % at home or if I should dive right into a round of subcision. Any idea on what kind of improvement c
  13. What do you guys think is the best starting point for my scars? How many treatments do you think will be needed to hit 50%? I would say the scars on my temples are about 4-5 years old while the scars on my cheek are within the past 3 years. Not sure but it looks like they are a mix between rolling/boxcar scars? Maybe icepicks but i'm not sure if tca cross would work here. My thoughts are > start with subcision + filler > maybe try tca cross or p
  14. Ahh word. Did you fly afterwards? I was thinking about flying in during the morning getting the procedure done and flying home that night. Not sure if thats even possible lol.
  15. Ahh I just checked their site it makes sense. Also I just saw that you had a treatment with rullan. How did everything go?