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  1. Ur signature is awesome

  2. I love ur poem! I used to have it on my aim profile when i found it on some random website!

  3. I met the love of my life on this website =). We were both posting on one of the threads on this forum and having debates about God existence and such. Somethings that he posted cought my attention and made me keep reading the debate that was going on between him and this other person. After that I got into debating because I thought I had to stand up on his side since I agree about what he was saying. Afterwards he jumps out of the whole agument thing and leaves me to continue debating with the
  4. For the first time Iam noticing few blackheads on my nose and Iam wondering if there is anything out there that I can get that would help to get rid of them , such as patches or cleanser? I also need one that is very gentle and wouldnt break me out. Other thing Iam looking for either lipbalm or chapstick. I currently use aveeno chapstick, but that only at night to help moisturizing my lips . My lips tend to get a bit dry if I dont put anything on them and I need something that smells and taste
  5. I would like to know more about this line of make up. Does it last all day especially on oily skin ? How is the coverage of the powder make up and the liquid ? also how is the concealer ? did anyone break out from it? Also anyone know the ingredients? I would like to know everything about this make up line because it does look good to me but still not sure about it.
  6. Iam on an antibiotic already and also using creams for acne that my derm gave me. Iam getting very tiny bumps..alot of them. Hopefully it will start clearing up soon..
  7. I've been on the pill for 13 days now and I think Iam having an IB , can you get an IB from a BCP ? also how long it will take to see any imporvments with this pill? I have a very special occaision in august and Iam hoping it will clear me up by then Thanks all.
  8. Iam about to order my free sample kit to try EDM make up for the first time =) , Iam excited and hoping it will be something good and I will be able to find a foundation that will match my skin perfectly. Also Iam thinking to order either a blush or a bronzer and I would like to know which best shade of bronzer and blushes for light skin to medium beige skin tones. Anyone has opinions ? Thanks all. P.S , also would like to know which concealer is best , light intensive or the multi-tasking c
  9. I need to watch that movie , I heard its really good. About guys..uhh well there is some who are really romatnic and sweet but they are rare.
  10. How is the coverage when it comes to covering acne and redmarks? also which formula is best for oily skin? I read before that the make up can be a bit shimmery, is that true?
  11. I've been using Aubrey mineral make up for a while now and I love it, only problem I cant find a foundation shade that exactly matches my skin. Iam wondering about everyday minerals since I havent tried those yet, do they have more shades ? and do they last all day? also for oily skin, does it work well? How about ingredients, any of you guys broke out from using everyday minerals ? Thanks all.
  12. Thanks for the comment =) btw the poem..I didnt write it lol..but yeah I think its cute and has great meaning.

  13. i like your poem "girls are like apples" its cute! especially with the tree shape :)

  14. Anyone tried those ? does it last all day even on oily skin? also does it cover and how are the shades ? Iam thinking to order some.