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  1. My acne was never as severe as your picture, but it was still pretty bad. A good way to know if it's hormonal is just to get on birth control again. At least then you'll have clear skin relatively quickly and you'll know what you're dealing with. I would recommend asking about Yaz or a yaz generic if you go this route and it generally takes 3 months to start working. I was on a yaz generic for 4 years and just recently quit because I wanted to cure my hormonal acne naturally (which I did).
  2. This is today. The first side is the one ^^ up there. As you can see I still have 3 large blemishes but I also was scratching and picking at them. You can see that I have quite of bit of miniscule bumps but everything else is healing up very nicely. Will update on paleo diet in a couple weeks. Any advice is welcome!
  3. I'm 3 months in at this point and definitely noted some changes for the worse. I broke out last Wednesday pretty bad. Here's a pic ^^. The break outs were very red and they hurt and just didn't seem to want to heal up. So Saturday evening I decided to go paleo. I've been paleo for five days now and I'm already seeing a difference if that's possible. I haven't gotten any new pimples since before. I do have a lot of tiny, tiny bumps all over my cheeks. Not sure if those are recent or if the
  4. It's getting bumpy over here guys. 3 months in about 10 days.
  5. Sorry to hear you're still struggling with it! I'm about to hit the 3 month mark in about 2 weeks. I'll definitely post an update around then. I have more acne then when I did when I was on birth control but it's still not bad. Just on my cheeks and chin when I eat too much sugar really.
  6. Bout time I do an update. What has it been... roughly two months? My skin is a bit worse and my chin has taken the brunt of it. I could probably chalk this up to neglecting my diet lately though. Is anyone following this? If not at least I'll have a record for myself. -shrug-
  7. How long have you been off birth control? I made a post up there ^^ that says everything I'm currently doing to try to keep it at bay. Honestly my plans are hope it doesn't get worse and if it does... deal with then. I'm open to going to a dermatologist for topical treatments or maybe a holistic nutritionist AFTER I've waited until the birth control is out of my system (maybe a year, like you said) but for now I just want to ride it out with clean-eating (kind of) and drugstore facial scrubs.
  8. Hmm. Maybe I'll try grapefruit! One thing I've definitely noticed since I've been off is my face is SO DISGUSTINGLY OILY. I've never had oily skin before this.
  9. Aww dang. Sorry to hear you're still struggling. Here's a couple pics from today. I'm 4 weeks off bc. I hear the acne really starts to come back after about three months... So we'll see. Things I'm currently doing to keep my acne at bay: Flax seed supplement B Vitamin Daily vitamin Facial brush once a day w/ biore salicylic acid scrub Washing face w/ African black soap in between scrubs (if extra sweaty or dirty) Also I stopped wearing make up (aside of eyemakeup) prolly about 9 mon
  10. Let this be the beginning of my birth control free life. Been takin' a yaz generic for four years. Basically completely cleared my skin up. I only get small break outs around my period or if I have a lot of sugar. Before birth control I had mostly moderate but at times severe acne since I started puberty. I was 20 when I started it and now I'm 24. I'm trying to be more health conscious overall so I'd like to stop taking it and solve my acne naturally. I've heard acne gets a lot worse afte
  11. Hey there! Been on Loryna for about four years and it completely cleared mine up in about 3 months. If I remember correctly I think it did get a bit worse the first couple of weeks. I had pretty bad moderate acne beforehand. Warning though... Loryna as is any birth control is just a band aid. I'm trying to get off now and apparently the acne comes back a thousand times worse after you get off of it. Good luck!
  12. Hey all... Just another caveman here doing caveman things. This is my first post here... decided to hop on the forum after not being able to find the feedback I wanted about the caveman trials. Sooo, allow me to begin telling my acne perils. I got acne when puberty hit and it hit pretty terribly. I always had bad acne during my teenage years. Tried everything... topicals, proactive, antibiotics, vitamins, blah blah... nothing really worked EXCEPT the antibiotics. Cleared my skin up right qui