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  1. I have tried all treatments and the only thing that worked for me was to have the dermatologist remove via a needle that inserts meds that completely drys the sebrum including the calcification! It is painless! It does take a couple of weeks for all the spots to go away!!! But well worth the investment! RNfaces.com has a utube on this method of removal! Plus, they can help you locate a professional in your area! If this IS what you have it does work!!! Good luck! Wish someone could help me
  2. I have been to countless dermatologists and no one seems to know how to treat or eliminate this type of acne!! Anyone else out there suffering with this?? Will appreciate your help! The cycle works with 1. Fluid hive 2. Open wound after a week or so! 3. Wound opens as a large crater with many white spots and outer raised rim forming around crater!! 4. White spot hardened material must work itself out much like a splinter! 5. Either you tweezer them out or the process of scabbing over with
  3. Try research on Demodex mites! Try treatment with Tea Tree Oil! They live in the hair pore follicles and lay larva! I am now 50% clear with this treatment! Takes patients and persistent follow on with treatment! But it works! Most Dr's do not talk about this! Good luck!
  4. They appear to be serbacious hyperplasia! They have to be removed professionally!