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  1. I had that problem too... flakiness and tightness and redness.

    I partly blame the Cetaphil, actually. It made my skin feel burnt and oily... really gross!

    But I'd say to give the jojoba oil a good week or so to really start taking care of those flakes. And maybe try the Moisturel moisturizer, I've been using that for a good couple weeks now and I love it! Moisturizes and doesn't leave my skin oily!

    The Lac Hydrin Five might be a little too harsh for your skin if it's irritated already... it does have AHA in it, which stings a little. I've been using the Lac Hydrin Five at night and then the Moisturel in the morning, both with jojoba oil, and I've stopped flaking! Hooray! :D

    Maybe something like that would work for you?

  2. Okay, so not much to report...

    My skin's still breaking out, but at least the flakes are completely gone. I think the jojoba oil and Moisturel are working very well in tandem. :)

    ...I'm going on a trip this weekend and bringing everything with me! All my cleaning and maintenance supplies. My friends are going to think I'm nuts, but oh well. ;)

  3. Okay, so the flakes are now gone. :ninja: A few days of very very little BP and a ton of jojoba oil and Moisturel seems to have done the trick.

    Starting today, I put a tiny bit more BP on. Oh, and I found that I really like the Moisturel! It really does hydrate well, and it's not half so greasy as the Cetaphil. :wub:

    So, yeah. Not a whole lot of progress acne-wise, but at least the flakes are gone. That's enough for me to celebrate at the moment. :shifty:

  4. Thanks everybody. I really appreciate the help. :wub:

    I've already stopped using so much BP, and I'll definitely skip the next application and just use a ton of moisturizer. And then just keep using tiny bits of BP until I'm sure my skin's not going to freak out again.

    Might try the steam thing too. :)

    Though I think the shower filter's going to be a no-go... I'm currently renting just a room in a house and I don't think I should be making any changes in the bathroom hardware, since none of it belongs to me. ;) But thanks for that suggestion, too!

    In the meantime, while I wait for my skin to heal, do any of you know if there's anything I could do as a sort of quick but gentle exfoliation to get rid of some of these flakes for now?

  5. I don't know what to do... my face looks like it freaking has dandruff alllll over it. :cry: I've been doing the CSR for at least two and a half weeks, and I was using 10% BP before I started the CSR using Dan's 2.5%, so my skin shouldn't be hardening worse with a lower concentration of BP, should it?!

    I'm using jojoba oil every day, lots of it, both just after I wash my face with Dan's cleanser and mixed in with my Moisturel moisturizer. It's helped with the tightness, but the FLAKES!

    At night I usually use the Lac-Hydrin Five mixed with jojoba oil, hoping it might help exfoliate my hideously flaky skin, but I don't know if it's helping much... and I stopped that for now since my skin's so dry...

    I can't even use my makeup anymore, it just looks WORSE. :wall:

    I cut down on the amount of Dan's BP I use, too, hoping that might help... but short of stopping altogether I don't see what else I can do!

    Dear God, help me!

    I'm very tempted to try using dandruff shampoo on my face, but I don't know if that'd make my acne worse?! I just neeeeed to get rid of these flakes, they make me feel like a freak. :cry:

  6. The flakes... the FLAKES.

    They're driving me crazy. I don't know what to do. This morning I was late to work because I was desperately trying to make them go away! But no... my face just looks worse! It's like I have dandruff... all over my face. Makes me want to cry and go hide in a hole somewhere.

    I thought the jojoba oil was helping, and it definitely did help with the tightness, and the areas I applied it to a lot a few days ago are pretty un-flaky. But it's like my whole face is flaky now. I don't think any amount of jojoba oil or moisturizer or combination of the two is doing much.

    I even cut down the amount of BP I'm using, and it's still not working. I don't want to stop with the BP altogether, since it does seem to be helping my zits, but... I don't want to be flaking like mad anymore!

    I wish I didn't have to be at work today. I don't want people staring at my flakes. :cry:

  7. hmmm...I think I need to jump on the jojoba oil bandwagon.... :think:

    The jojoba oil really is good stuff. :)

    I've still got some flaking going on, though. It did heal quite a bit of the dryness, and my skin doesn't feel like it's about to rip apart every time I smile or talk, so that's good! Starting last night, I decided to use the jojoba oil in conjunction with a good moisturizer. I picked up some Moisturel, since Brandy reccommended it, so we'll see how things go now! :D

    My skin does seem to be clearing somewhat... or maybe it's just that the new blemishes that are forming are smaller... well, at any rate, it's no worse than it was before I started the CSR! So I'm happy enough for now. :) Two and a half weeks in, is it? I think... I'm so bad at keeping track of time! ;)

  8. Isn't Lac-hydrin more like a moisturizer than AHA?

    It's a moisturizer with AHA... 5% lactic acid. :)

    If you're just starting out with the AHA, I'd suggest using it just once a day to start out with, instead of twice... I did that, and managed to dry myself out pretty good. ;) Since I started using the Lac-Hydrin Five, though, my face does look and feel smoother.

  9. I was using the Cetaphil for about a week, too, and it did the same thing to me! My skin was all irritated and greasy on top of it. :evil:

    I'd say try something different! I tried the Lac-Hydrin Five twice a day, but that ended up making me peel... Brandy suggested using Moisturel instead, and she seems very trustworthy, so perhaps try that?

    Jojoba oil is also good stuff. It stopped my peeling and made my face feel normal again. :)

  10. Hello again, Goldthie! :)

    Okay, so, an update!

    I'm loving the jojoba oil. Really and truly, it's helped a lot with the flaking and dryness. I've been spreading about three drops on my face after my shower, and adding a drop or two to my moisturizer, and then spreading a little more on the driest areas, and it's great! My skin feels normal again. :clap: And it doesn't feel oily, either, as long as I don't use too much. ;)

    I do have a few more spots, but nothing hideously bad, and I'm pretty sure it's not the jojoba oil causing them. They're in areas where I don't use a lot of it, in fact, and if it was the jojoba I'd think I'd be getting zits in the areas where I use *more*, right? So, yeah. Not like I expected to clear within two weeks anyway.

    I'm sticking with my CSR!

    Oooh, and another good use for the jojoba oil... I've been adding a couple drops to my moisturizer and spreading it on my legs after shaving, and my legs have never been smoother!!! It's incredible! :D I love it!

  11. Sounds like the 5% lactic acid was too much for you.

    If you want another nice moisturizer to try that doesn't have any AHA in it, you can try Moisturel. I've been trialing it now for a few weeks and really liking it.

    I use quite a bit of it, a blob about the size of a quarter, and it feels and looks very nice. My skin stays super hydrated all day.

    Thanks for the advice. :) The jojoba oil actually seems to be working pretty well, though I might try the Moisturel if I can find it. It doesn't leave your skin greasy at all, does it?

  12. I REALLY like Everyday Minerals. It takes a couple applications to figure out what looks best on you, but once you figure it out, you'll be all purtied up in no time! (If you got concealer, start putting it on right after you moisturize. It'll blend in and make a nice base for your foundation.) The jojoba oil sounds good! I really hope it helps with the dryness/flakiness/tightness/redness need I go on? :D

    Ooh, now I'm really excited to get my samples of the Everyday Minerals! :D I'm using the Physician's Formula mineral powder at the moment and it's not bad... just wish it were better.

    And I used a few drops of the jojoba oil on my face after my shower tonight! (And in my hair too, since the bottle said it was good for it... worked some in right before I shampooed, and now my hair feels really soft and clean!) My face actually feels normal again, no more tightness. :) And it's not hideously oily-feeling, though I can feel it somewhat when I touch my face. (I know, I need to stop doing that!) It's helped with the flaking already, too! There are still flakes, but they're much less noticeable now that they've got jojoba oil on them. Heh. Now I'll just have to give this a try for a few days to see just how my skin's going to react. I hope I don't inadvertently cause a breakout while trying to heal the dryness! :pray:

    I hope all's going well with your CSR, Goldthie!

  13. Hello, hello! Me again!

    So I've been using the Lac-Hydrin Five twice daily after applying the BP for about four days... and it's too much for my face to take. :doh:

    I'm all dry and flaky around my mouth and in a couple other spots. So now I'm cutting down my Lac-Hydrin Five usage to once daily. I'm not giving up on it! It really has helped improve my skin tone and cut down on my oiliness. (Albeit, a bit too much!)

    Maybe less BP in certain areas will also help. And I got some jojoba oil today, too, so we'll see how my skin likes that. ;)

  14. Beware the tightness... :evil: .... :lol: the flaking is just around the corner. Mine has actually subsided a bit, so I'm thinking about upping the bp at night. I've read a lot of comments that say Dan's estimate of bp is way too much, or they use it only once a day to stay clear. Guess it will take some time/experimentation to figure out what's best for our skin, eh?

    Today is Day 6 for me and all my old ones are healing (slowly :mad: ) and just 2 or 3 itsy bitsy ones, easily covered by EM makeup (my new order came yesterday :dance: ). I'll check back to see if you try the jojoba oil.

    Yargh, you're right! Today I'm all flaky. :doh: That makes me so sad, 'cause I was loving how un-oily the LH5 was keeping me. I guess it was a little too drying! I'm thinking twice daily with the alpha hydroxy is a bad idea for my skin. I also am using a lot less BP around my mouth now. siiigh

    Oh, well! Like you said, it'll take some time and experimentation to figure out what works for us. I picked up some jojoba oil today! Found it at Trader Joe's actually, Desert Essence brand, 100% jojoba oil, 4 oz for $7... kind of pricey, but I smoothed some on my hands to try it out and it left them nice and soft and not very oily-feeling at all. :) Even after washing them, they're still soft and not at all oily. I'm hoping to get a similar effect on my face. ;) Maybe I'll try using that instead of the LH5 tonight as moisturizer!

    The EM makeup... that's Everyday Minerals, right? (Or something like that?) I ordered a trial set last night! :D I'm excited to try it out, but I have to wait for it to get shipped to me. Let me know how you like it!

  15. Okay, so third day of the Lac-Hydrin Five and about a week-and-a-half into the CSR...

    My skin seems to be clearing a bit! Especially on my forehead. There was only one new acne-bit there, and it's tiny. :dance:

    There does, however, seem to be a larger, hurty one forming near the corner of my mouth on my upper lip. :doubt: Not so cool. I put a bunch of BP on it last night and this morning, so hopefully it'll go away fast!

    I've noticed my face is a lot less oily and my skin tone looks much more even since I started using the Lac-Hydrin, though I'm starting to feel a little tightness. Not dryness, and there's no flaking at all... it's just feeling a bit tight, mostly around my mouth. I think twice a day with the AHA might be a little too much for my face. ;) Maybe if I cut it down to once a day... I was thinking of trying some jojoba oil to stop the tightness, since it seems lots of people on these forums say it helps make skin healthier. Hm.

    Anywho, so far things seem to be going well. :)

    How are things at your end, Goldthie and Christian C?

  16. MMMmmm tacos :drool: Have you noticed if certain "greasy foods," or any foods at all for that matter, make you break out? I had 2 corn dogs for supper so we'll see what my skin looks like tomorrow :lol:

    I don't find the Dove moisturizer greasy at all. It comes in a cute little pot you dab into. I usually only need a thin layer, but I wait a few mins to see if my dry areas need more so my mineral makeup goes on well.

    Did the LH5 burn at first? I know most people said wait til you've been CSRing for a month before using it, but I'd like to skip all the dry/flakey stuff if possible. Funny how we get all excited over a good moisturizer :rolleyes:

    I don't notice any difference when it comes to foods at all... I try to keep it healthy most of the time, but can't resist the Taco Tuesdays! And the chicken wraps from the Indian restaurant around the corner... oohhh, so good! ;) Nothing really changes acne-wise, though.

    The Dove moisturizer sounds good! I might have to try that to give my skin a break from the AHA every once in a while. :) The Lac-Hydrin only burns a little bit, and only for about ten minutes after I first put it on. Even though I just started the CSR, I've been using BP to spot-treat (with no results!) for a good while now, so my skin's pretty used to the BP already.

    And good moisturizers are hard to come by, why not get excited about them?! :D

    And, Christian C, good luck to you too!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the CSR works for all of us!

  17. Hey Sasori! We are in the same boat, though I'm only on Day 3 and using CVS products (some improvement already!). I'm 23 and just finished up a pms breakout too LOL Go figure. Keep updating and I'll keep checking in on your progress! I was considering getting the lac hydrin 5 after my Dove runs out and my skin's adjusted to the bp so let me know how you are liking it. Good luck!

    Good luck to you too, and thanks for the well-wishes! :D

    Second day of the Lac-Hydrin Five, and I still love it. Two days is still too soon to tell, though, I'd say. My skin sure feels better, though, and I think it looks a little better, so we'll see... :) I didn't even feel too dirty after leaving everything on alllll day and into the night! (Hooray for Taco Tuesday/movie night at my best friend's house!)

    How's the Dove moisturizer? Does it feel greasy at all?

  18. Hi, all! I'm Sasori, 24-year-old girlie here, living with my moderate acne since I was 12. I've tried every OTC you can think of, and nothing's worked yet. Until recently, I was using Clearasil 10% BP as a spot treatment and washing with Mary Kay oily/combo skin cleanser, moisturizing with Aveeno Ultra Calming stuff (it didn't moisturize well enough, though). Things were just getting worse...

    So I just started the regimen thing about a week ago. :) While I waited for my Clear Skin Regimen products to arrive, I went out and bought Basis cleanser, used my too-strong Clearasil BP, and bought some of the Cetaphil moisturizer since Dan recommended it. Let me tell you, my face hated the 10% BP... and even more so, it hated the Cetaphil! OH, the greasiness. It was hideous! And it burned, too, which was extremely weird. :confused:

    A few days ago, my Clear Skin Regimen cleanser and 2.5% BP arrived! I've been using it since, and I have to say I rather like it so far. The 2.5% doesn't burn my face half so much, and I find I can use the whole dosage without a problem. :) I continued using the Cetaphil until yesterday, even though I hate it.

    But then yesterday I went out and got the Lac-Hydrin Five, since I'd read on the forums here that it was a good lotion. And I love it so far! Granted, I've only used it for one night and one day, but I adore it. My face doesn't feel as though I've been using bacon fat as a moisturizer. :D (Zim: "Gir, why is there bacon in the soap?!" Gir: "I made it myyyself!") The Lac-Hydrin Five absorbs really well, and makes my skin feel nice and smooth and clean. Hopefully it continues on that way!

    So, yes! Hopefully this whole regimen thing will work out! I think I might be seeing some improvement already, but I don't know if I should attribute it to the regimen or to the fact that I just finished up a pms breakout. :rolleyes:

    Anywho, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  19. I decided to try the Lac-Hydrin Five after reading up on it here on the boards. I used it last night and all day today... and it's been great! I realize I'm going to have to give it a few more days at least to be able to tell if it's really working as well as I think it is, but, man... this stuff is so incredibly much better than the Cetaphil lotion! (Which I got, since Dan recommended it.)

    The Cetaphil left my face hideously greasy and tacky, like I'd rubbed a piece of bacon on it or something. >_< I used it for about a week and then just couldn't stand it anymore!

    But I felt a difference the very first time I used the Lac-Hydrin Five! It absorbs so quickly, and doesn't leave my face oily at all! And as far as I can tell, it's moisurizing just fine. :) In fact, my face feels smoother than it did before already. It burns just a little right after I put it on, but that fades quickly. I'm thinking my face might get used to it after a few days anyway and it won't burn anymore?

    So far, I adore it. :dance:

    I might give it about a week and see how it's going, then let you know if I still love it as much as I do right now.

    As for sunscreen, I'm using the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblock for faces. (It goes all the way up to SPF 55! Though I'm using the 30.) It doesn't leave my skin oily, and I can still wear makeup over it. (I put it on after the Lac-Hydrin absorbs, then put a little makeup over it.) :) Then again, I only use it on days I know I'm going to be in the sun quite a bit, which isn't every day.