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  1. Donate to RP's campaign today for genocide! Thats DOCTOR Ron Paul, WOOT!
  2. I love your display name! That is so cute and so me :)

  3. Having recently completed a 7 month 40mg course, I'm trying to figure out what will happen now. I had moderate acne that got pretty bad at first but cleared around the two month mark. A few things I'm concerned about: *When will my lips be able to go without chapstick again? *When will my eyes be back to normal (or: when can I wear contacts again)? *When will my face cease being all dry and red? *For that matter, when will the rest of my body stop being dry? *When can I drink excessively again?
  4. Wow you sound like me. After 8 months of turmoil I'm pretty much back to normal (confidence-wise, still feeling pretty hollow). Things keep getting better. Hang in there
  5. I don't know about the acne but you should shave your stache
  6. So I had a few drinks this Friday. Judgement was impaired, more drinks were had, and before I knew it I woke up the next day with a pretty bad hangover. What should I do? I'm on 40mg a day/70kg so it's a pretty low dose. I didn't take it yesterday and I'm considering skipping it today aswell. Should I stop taking it completely? I'm going to try to schedule a blood test asap (can probably get one truesday). Anything else I should do / be observant of? Edit: Should I even be worried? Has anybody
  7. So accutane has pretty much cleared me up now. The problem is that my skin is getting pretty dry, and with three months of autumn/winter and accutane I don't know if I can keep my normal regimen up without my face drying up and falling off. So my question to you is this: would it be safe for me to wash my face but once daily for the remainder of my accutane course? Or will this make my skin bad again?
  8. It should be okay as long as you don't drink a lot. Do drink a lot of water though, alcohol is drying.
  9. I can't buy it here, maybe I can order it from the states though. What aquaphor product specifically should I be looking for?
  10. So my lips are pretty dry. Also they keep getting dryer and, for some reason, expanding into areas previously inhabited by actual skin. In other words I'm in sort of an untenable position. So I'm looking for some good lip products I can buy/order in the EU (or specifically Sweden). Right now Im using something called Nivea Lip Care Essential a few times every hour as well as vaseline at night. The problem is that these don't seem to help. They make my lips greasy and smooth without actually sto
  11. Well I was on 40 mg and pretty much every clogged pore in the areas I was breaking out in before starting got inflamed. Fun times were had.