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  1. its probably due to sweat build up, dry to keep the area clean of excess oils/sweat, oil control wipes well help keep the area clean, and just give it time to heal, maybe try some bp
  2. water intake is quite important and unfortunately diet is just something you cant overlook, the main culprits when it comes to food in most people, are usually, dairy, sugar, gluten, unhealthy fats, and fried food. Of course a food intolerance test would help you pinpoint just what foods you should avoid, what kind of spots are you getting on your chest?
  3. Hey, im sorry to hear your having such a hard time, the thing is acne has so many different causes that one thing that may work for another person may not work for you. I could really understand your struggle, trust me ive been there, although i dont have any acne now, but when i did have it, it was bad, im 29 now, but when mine started i was only 13 years old, and i had just started high school, and it lasted for just over 2 years, but it was such a horrible experience because i was at school e
  4. download a pimple popping app or watch youtube videos of pimple popping compilations
  5. As far as comodonal acne goes, retinoids are what work best for them, try a Salicylic acid fashwash with a glycolic acid gel, or some combination of the 2, and dont forget to moisturize aswell, and picking is not going to help your skin, it will make it worse and spread germs, unfortunately getting clear skin isn't an overnight process and can take some time to clear, but with patience and the right skin care routine along with good lifestyle habits, clear skin will definitely come with time, it
  6. Hi marcela, i don't know if you have already looked into diet, but since you haven't mentioned it in your post, its definetely something to look into, i remember reading somewhere that eating alot of sugar can cause acne, basicly acne is the by product of your oil glands producing too much sebum, and sugar stimulates oil glands by releasing igf-1 into your blood stream, i also have heard dairy has an affect on alot of people, so definetely consider your diet if you haven't already, fiber is also
  7. i know this was posted a while ago but did you manage to find any solutions for the hyperpigmentation?? I have a similar problem i have hyper pigmentation on my back and shoulders which i've had for years, i'm 28 years old now and im finally looking into doing something to help fade the scars, ive been looking into dermarolling, and im thinking of using it on my back and shoulders using a 1mm needle then applying vitamic C Serum afterwards, ive been using a 0.5mm and then a vitamin C serum after
  8. Ah yes I thought most likely I had a combination of both, I recently bought a 3 step kit from Avon, which has a cleanser, toner and serum in the kit, I've been using that and it has helped somewhat with the redness that I have. The serum is a skin correcting lotion which helps correct the skins tone and texture at least it has for me, but I've still got the ice pick scars put pores look a little reduced and so does the redness using this 3 step system, also, sometimes it could even be something
  9. Yes, have heard of TCA cross method, where you use a little stick to dab the TCA concentration inside the acne scars, however I'm unsure if its ice pick scarring or If i have or enlarged pores or both, if it was ice pick scars I assume I would just go down the TCA cross route, or could I also use TCA cross for enlarged pores? Also how could you tell which ones are ice pick scars and which ones are enlarged pores?
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