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  1. I do take the eveming primrose and I found it helpful for my problem (breast nodules) and I am really happy with the probiotics effect on my body-mostly digestive sistem. I suffer from acne as well and no treatment ever treat me complrtly. I am going to start accutane treatment soon and I am a bit nervous about it. If you had just a few breakouts during this treatment why Don t you give it more time? Sometimes it is normal to have them in the begging of some treatment. Good luck!
  2. nania

    Good Product

    Good Product

    I used it during some months as make up remover, because my skin is so sensitive and i didn ´t want to use any strong, creamy product, and it worked pretty well. Removes all make up, mascara, and leaves the skin very clean. Sometimes I use a tonic lotion after, and normally the cotton pad remains clean which shows that the water already cleaned everything. Now i have some breakouts again, i don ´t know if it is the hot weather, or this product doesn ´t work for me anymore, but i think i will st