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  1. Has anyone tried this yet ? I read up on it and its a mild chemical peel. Has anyone tried it ?
  2. i got it off someone from this board a long time ago. I dont think he sells them anymore. The Likas is alright, but the real papaya soap worked like a charm. If you feel the burning then that means its working.
  3. I used papaya soap and it made me real pale. I'm white as a ghost. why do you guys wanna get pale ? It doesnt look healthy. BTW. I used the real papaya soaps with no additives in it.
  4. Has anyone tried Cooltouch III yet? Im about to go in for treatment.. and would like a little feedback form anyone who has tried CoolTouch III.
  5. You guys see any results with the first smoothbeam or vbeam treatment ?
  6. I just went to the derm and they recommended Cool touch and V beam. Cool touch treatments are $400 a session and VBeam treatments are $250 per treatment. What do you guys think about it?
  7. I don't know why but i'm getting all this red marks and scarring after 2 years of accutane. My skin was pretty good for the 1st year n half but now i'm getting all these red marks. Anyone know what I should do ? I put on sunscreen spf 15 and im usually not in the sun. somebody help!!
  8. akaSLM


    Thank you guys, i really appreciate your help and effort
  9. akaSLM


    i guess hyperpigmentation, any way to get rid of them ?
  10. I finish my dosage of accutane for a few months now.. and now im gettin some spots on my skin.. what gives ?