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  1. Try raw honey (like real real raw honey) and lemon juice...I hear it helps some people. Also try drinking three cups of green tea a day, it might not work for you but it worked wonders for me in the aspect of cystic pimples (under the skin pimples) it reduced mine from like 5 a month to 1-2 a month.
  2. I'd give it a week and then drop it. Everybody's skin is different, Personally I tried the ACV toner on my body acne I gave it two months, two different times and it made it horrible, I guess ACV and my skin just didn't agree. Also tried Coconut oil (which everyone raves about, and it works for my sister and mother) and it just made it horrible ( I knew it was the ACV then the Coconut oil cause as soon as I stopped like three days later my acne looked much better...like before i started the prod
  3. Hmm I don't think it's the face washing but it could be, try to cut it down to once a day, and if your face feels super dirty doing this, just rub some warm water into it. Also moisturizing is extremely important, if you have not had luck with moisturizers I would highly suggest a essential oil. There are many, and it depends on your skin type but they are usually much less irritating due to the amount of pure ingredients and lack of chemicals. To start out I'd suggest Rose Hip oil, just dab a l
  4. So I know this doesn't have anything to do with acne but I don't know where else to go....I've had this thing on my nose for like 8 years, suddenly it just appeared, I think it's gotten bigger when my face grew (got it around 8 years old I'm 15) I'd like to know what it is? Cause I'm thinking about getting it removed...does anyone know what it is? and if they do do you know what it'd cost to get it removed? ect? lol thanks
  5. Like @Convinceme said, The verdict is really split. Some derms/doctors/researchers ect will say it's good for you others will say it's not. It also depends on your skin, So what I would do is take a gentle face wash or some RAW honey and mix it with sugar and lightly scrub your face in circular motions NOT hard because it could break the defenses of your skin. see how your skin reacts and go from there.
  6. I'd recommend the brand CeraVe if your looking for a drugstore option (otherwise there are some good but overpriced moisturizers that you could find). Every person's skin reacts differently so I can't say for sure, but generally the top 2 brands for moisturizers/cleansers (drugstore) are Cetaphil and CeraVe, and from what I've read/heard CeraVe is less irritating then Cetaphil. I currently use the CeraVe moisturizing lotion on my chest,back and shoulders which is covered in acne, and it has not
  7. So I've been using 2.5 BP% on my back, chest and shoulders to try and get rid of this acne for about a month, I'm seeing very little results but the real problem is the drying! It's so severe and itchy all the time! I really need a lotion that won't irritate or affect my acne..so I was wondering does anyone think CeraVe Moisturizing lotion is a good option?
  8. Most likely Pityrosporum Folliculitis if it flares up after sweating, get's irritated by clothing and if it comes and go's.
  9. I knew I wasn't alone! lol I guess I'm pretty lucky though, considering I haven't wasted a ton of money on derms since I was born in the internet age! lol I know I don't have it that bad considering I'm 15 and most of it is probably hormonal and genetics (dad currently has rosacea which was just diagnosed and mom used to have body acne like me) But still it's really upsetting...and REALLY? they say that your diet and lifestyle has nothing to do with it? thats the biggest lie I've ever heard! I'm
  10. So this is pretty much a useless thread...I'm just venting about my dermatologist experience, if you want feel free to vent as well! Although I had read all about derms on this site, that essentially they are useless, I was so fed up with having to wear turtle necks to cover my body acne, and it had been almost a year. I held out some hope that a derm could help, so since I didn't have insurance I paid out of pocket (expensive and im 15) and guess what the derm said?!!!!!!! He literally spent 3
  11. So I've been using a 4% BP wash and a 10% gel on my back, chest and shoulders for almost a month now. Although it's helped my back and shoulders there is still a good amount of acne on them, and the drying is really starting to take effect, I was wondering will it clear my acne any more or is that as much is its going to clear? Also does anyone have any recommendations on lotions or should I use aloe vera for the dryness? I don't want anything that could remotely effect my acne, and make me brea
  12. I would second the green tea. I have been drinking organic gree tea for the past 2 months, and it's really helped with the amount of cysts I've gotten. But for it to be effective, you will need to drink at least 3 cups every single day. You could add a tsp or 2 of raw honey as the honey has many benefits if you drink it however I like mine plain.
  13. Not to be rude or anything but how can a wash be gentle with benzoyl peroxide in it?