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  1. ConqueringAcne

    Accutane Log

    Day 13 Wow...my acne is almost completely gone. Occasional white head has popped up but is gone in a day or so. My skin is so much smoother (still a tiny bit of bumpiness on my right cheek and upper temple)...but it seems to have all mostly cleared up. Side effects: skin is very sensitive to the sun eyes are dry lips and nose are not that dry at all Honestly, my skin hasnt looked this good since I was in gradeschool. I'm going to stop posting now since I'm not getting any replies and
  2. ConqueringAcne

    Accutane Log

    Day 8 Today my skin showed some noticeable improvement. Besides 1 new whitehead, there were no new active pimples or white heads coming to the surface of my skin. Also, the rash-like red spots on my cheeks and temples have noticeably faded. My face is also dramatically less oily than the past 3 days. In addition my skin seems to be much smoother than yesterday. I am not sure if this points to the end of whatever initial breakout I experienced, but I am hoping my skin steadily improves from her
  3. ConqueringAcne

    Accutane Log

    Day 7 (End of Week 1) So, my skin has definitely broken out some. The accutane has been pushing white heads to the surface in places where I normally am clear. It is clearly an indicator that my pores were clogged deep underneath my skin. So, although I am frustrated with the current state of my skin, I am also happy that all this junk is getting cleared out once and for all. Besides my eyes I don't have any dryness yet, which is weird to me. Actually my skin has become much oilier on Accut
  4. thanks so much for the reply! Believe me, I fought with my derm over the birth control....I can't stand the side effects and its not necessary for its intended purpose at this time in my life. But he said he wouldn't prescribe the accutane unless I went on the pill.... UGH. Anyway, I'm on day 6 now and I'm getting a moderate IB...any idea how long the breakout lasts? I have college in a month and a half and I'd like to have somewhat improved skin when I start as a freshman! Thank you so much
  5. ConqueringAcne

    Accutane Log

    Day 6 Okay, so today marks my 6th day on isoretonin. So far my skin is better in some respects and worse in others. I have a few white heads popping up sporadically, but they heal quickly and are not too noticeable. Some of the red spots I noticed yesterday seem to be fading. I still believe an initial breakout is coming, so I don't want to speak too soon but I think I can already tell that the accutane is working. Some parts of my face just look clearer. I guess its too soon to tell much thou
  6. ConqueringAcne

    Accutane Log

    My Accutane Log! Hello and welcome to my Accutane log! I am 5'9" and weigh 135 lbs and am female. I have had moderate acne since I was 13. My acne is not exactly cystic, but is rash-like--spreading over certain parts of my face and stubbornly staying for long periods of time. I would also say that I had plenty of closed comedones, which are incredibly frustrating because they give your skin a rough, bumpy look that is especially embarrassing in the sunlight. Not too mention the ugly, swollen pr
  7. Hello! I just started Accutane (20 mg once a day) 5 days ago, and I was wondering if the birth control will prevent the dreaded initial breakout? My acne cleared about 80% immediately when I started the required birth control a month ago and was light to moderate before that. I decided to go on accutane to finally cure it all together and get off all medication. However, I'm still worried about that IB! Any advice? thank you and I hope your treatment is continuing to go smoothly!